Coin Chat Radio May 7th Episode Summary


Coin Chat Radio Web siteThis week’s episode of Coin Chat Radio leads off with Bob Van Ryzin discussing "What’s In the News." He first talks about the Florence Schook School of Numismatics and two large donations it recently received. Schook was well known to the numismatist world and an avid supporter of young collectors.

Also discussed was Superior Galleries exit from numismatic auctions.

Numismatics Editorial Director Debbie Bradley speaks with Krause Publications founder and collector Chet Krause on the Bourse floor of the recent Central States Numismatics Society. Mr. Krause shares many fascinating short stories, and also mentions that he is gradually auctioning parts of his collection. He describes a favorite 1934 North African $10 Note and part of its history.


"During World War II we were still using Silver Certificates as money, and so they changed the color of the seal which was blue to yellow. This money then was worthless if some of it fell into enemy hands."


Online Editor Lisa Bellavin hosts the Freshly Minted segment. She talks about the launch of new Royal Canadian Mint coins; specifically the triangular coin commemorating the Six String Nation Guitar. Also, the US Mint will be accepting orders for the Puerto Rico First Day Coin Cover beginning on May 26th.

Debbie Bradley is then back again with an interview of Eric Walsh, who is employed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) and recovers damaged currency. When asked what he does, Walsh summarizes in the beginning of the interview with:


"Pretty much what we do is a free service the government provides; is any money that’s been somehow damaged; we will reimburse you for it as long as its genuine US currency. We require 51% of the note present…"


To listen to this program, go to Coin Chat Radio. Current and prior week episodes are also available directly from sites hosting the Coin Chat Radio player, like the one found in the upper right at Coin Collecting News.

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