Exhibitors Recognized at ANA Portland National Money Show


ANAANA member Henry Scott Goodman received the Best-in-Show Exhibit Award for his exhibit, "Ludwig Gies: Cast Art Medals from the Great War," at the American Numismatic Association’s 2009 National Money Show™, held March 13-15 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland.

The first runner-up award was presented to James Reinders for "Encased 3 Cent Postage Stamps of the Civil War" and the second runner-up award went to Jerry Bobbe for "The Times and Tokens of Thomas Spence."

The People’s Choice Award, determined by voting of convention attendees, ended in a tie and was presented to Simcha Kuritzky for "Feline Species Type Set" and Josh Wadsworth for "It’s All About the Numbers of U.S. Small-Sized Paper Money."

The National Coin Week Award was presented to young numismatist Katie Reinders for her exhibit, "Oregon Celebrated on Coins: Oh the Joy!" National Coin Week exhibits are intended to be suitable for display in libraries and schools, so there is a $250 limit on the value of the numismatic materials in this competition.

A special "Oregon at 150" award was created in honor of the host state’s sesquicentennial in 2009. The winner was Dr. Richard Allen for "Large Size National Bank Notes of Portland, Oregon."

Awards were also presented in six classes (see descriptions below). This year, 37 exhibits in 91 cases competed for these awards. In addition, 12 non-competitive and marquee exhibits were displayed in the Collector Gallery.

Class winners are as follows:

Class 1: History and Politics (exhibits dealing with historical or political events)

  • First place: Henry Scott Goodman, "Ludwig Gies: Cast Art Medals from the Great War"
  • Second place: Steve Cox, "Paper Money Issued by the Bank of Tabasco"
  • Third place: Jeff Shevlin, "The 1894 California Midwinter Exposition So-Called Dollars"

Class 2: Economics (exhibits dealing with monetary and financial systems or economic events such as panics and inflations)

  • First place: James Reinders, "Encased 3 Cent Postage Stamps of the Civil War"
  • Second place: Kenneth Hill, "An Oregon Exchange Company 5D. Dollar"
  • Third place: Richard Allen, "Large Size National Bank Notes of Portland, Oregon"

Class 3: Geography (exhibits that describe natural or cultural assets, the distribution of populations, or exploration)

  • First place: James Reinders, "Forgotten New World Coin: 3 Reales"
  • Second place: William Myers, "Afghanistan Ivana Chits"
  • Third Place: Simcha Kuritzky, "A Type Set of Israel’s Historic Sites Coins"

Class 4: Common elements (exhibits showing material linked by design, such as elephants or bridges, or by theme, such as a world’s fair)

  • First place: Jerry Bobbe, "The Times and Tokens of Thomas Spence"
  • Second place: Simcha Kuritzky, "Feline Species Type Set"
  • Third place: James Reinders, "Russia Seen Through a Complete Collection of 3 Rouble Commemorative Coins (through 2008)"

Class 5: The Arts (exhibits that explore any aspect of fine or applied arts)

  • First place: Simcha Kuritzky, "A Zulu Love Token"
  • Second place: Nancy Wilson, "Battleship Note"
  • Third place: James Reinders, "Examples of 17th Century Medallic Art on Schauthalers and Triple Talers"

Class 6: Science (exhibits dealing with theoretical or applied science, including the technology of manufacturing numismatic items)

  • First place: Ellis Corets, "The Fossil Collection"
  • Second place: William Myers, "Counterfeit Japanese Invasion Money"
  • Third place: James Reinders, "Minting Errors: Three Strikes and Other Three Errors"

The application deadline to exhibit at the 2009 World’s Fair of Money® in Los Angeles (August 5-9), is June 30. To obtain an application or for more information, call 719-482-9814 or e-mail exhibits@money.org.

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