Exhibitors Recognized at Phoenix National Money Show


ANAAnthony Tumonis of Tucson, Ariz., received the Best-in-Show Exhibit Award for his display, "1940 Arizona Movie Scrip," at the American Numismatic Association’s 2008 National Money Show™ in Phoenix, March 7-9. In recognition of his efforts, Mr. Tumonis received an engraved medal, a certificate, and a 1928 Saint-Gaudens $20 gold piece donated by Robert L. Higgins and Donald Ketterling of Certified Assets Management, Inc.

The first runner-up award was presented to Emmett McDonald of Islip, N.Y., for his exhibit "Weighing Gold Coins in England, circa 1830." John Grost of El Paso, Texas, received the second runner-up award for his exhibit, "Numismatic Souvenirs of the Meeting of Presidents Taft and Diaz, El Paso, Texas, October 16, 1909." McDonald and Grost received certificates for their accomplishments.

The People’s Choice Award was presented to Robert Mayer of Mesa, Ariz., for his exhibit "Medals Portraying U.S. History." He received a plaque for his efforts.

The ANA National Coin Week exhibit award was presented to Torrey Schenewerk, a Young Numismatist from Descanso, Calif., for her exhibit, "Horses on Coins." For her efforts, she received a plaque, an engraved medal and a scholarship to the ANA Summer Seminar in Colorado Springs. Second and third places in the National Coin Week competition both went to Emmett McDonald for "A Tour of Guatemala and Honduras" and "Arizona and New Mexico Chauffeur Badges."

National Coin Week exhibits are intended to be suitable for display in unsecured public locations, such as libraries and schools. Therefore, there is a $250 limit on the value of the numismatic materials in exhibits in this competition.

Awards were also presented in six topical classes (see the descriptions below). This year, 15 exhibits in 43 cases competed for these awards. First-place class winners received an engraved medallion and a certificate. Other class winners received certificates. Winners for 2008 were:

Class 1: History and Politics (exhibits dealing with historical or political events)

  • First place: John Grost, "Numismatic Souvenirs of the Meeting of Presidents Taft and Diaz, El Paso, Texas, October 16, 1909."
  • Second place: Gerald Kochel, "Sutler Tokens of the Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania."
  • Third place: Cole Schenewerk, "Different Coins for a Torn World."

Class 2: Economics (exhibits dealing with monetary and financial systems or economic events such as panics and inflations)

  • First place: Kay Edgerton Lenker, "Wife Buying Money."
  • Second place: Cole Schenewerk, "The David R. Cervin Ancient Coin Project."
  • Third place: William H. Horton, Jr., "Several Ways of Collecting Obsolete Paper Money."

Class 3: Geography (exhibits that describe natural or cultural assets, the distribution of populations, or exploration)

  • First place: Emmett McDonald, "German City Talers, 1600-1699."
  • Second and third places: no exhibits

Class 4: Common elements (exhibits showing material linked by design, such as elephants or bridges, or by theme, such as a world’s fair)

  • First place: Anthony Tumonis, "1940 Arizona Movie Scrip."
  • Second place: Halbert Carmichael, "The Birds of Africa."
  • Third place: Emmett McDonald, "Arizona and New Mexico Chauffeur Badges."

Class 5: The Arts (exhibits that explore any aspect of fine or applied arts)

  • First place: Emmett McDonald, "A Tour of Guatemala and Honduras."
  • Second and third places: no exhibits

Class 6: Science (exhibits dealing with theoretical or applied science, including the
technology of manufacturing numismatic items)

  • First place: Emmett McDonald, "Weighing Gold Coins in England, circa 1830."
  • Second place: Cole Schenewerk, "The Third Side."
  • Third place: no exhibit

Competitive exhibitors at ANA National Money Shows can use up to 15 exhibit cases in any
number of exhibits. Since there are only six exhibit classes, an exhibitor may enter the same
class several times. On the other hand, collectors can also show large exhibits that are not
accommodated at most conventions. This year there was one competitive exhibit with 15
cases (the People’s Choice winner), although most were considerably smaller.

The application deadline to exhibit at the ANA World’s Fair of Money® in Baltimore (July 30-
August 3), is June 4. To obtain an application, write to the ANA, ATTN: Exhibit Coordinator, at
818 North Cascade Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80903-3279, or visit the ANA online at
www.money.org (Select “World’s Fair of Money” from the “Numismatic Events” dropdown
menu, then select “Exhibits” and “Exhibit Application”).

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