Lincoln Penny Images for New 2009 Circulating Cents


The United States Mint is geared up to issue celebratory bicentennial Lincoln cents and has released 2009 Lincoln Penny images for public viewing. The coin images are timely. The first of four commemorative circulating cents will launch on Thursday, February 12, to kick-off the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth.

Four Bicentennial 2009 Lincoln Penny Images

Similar to the 2009 Lincoln Silver Dollar images released last week, the new images provide a genuine sense of how the coins will look and feel up close, unlike the initial penny designs made available in September of 2008.

2009 Lincoln Penny Images

The four new designs celebrate the bicentennial of President Abraham Lincoln’s birth, as well as the 100th anniversary of the production of the Lincoln cent. The obverse, or heads side, of the pennies bear the standard Victor David Brenner’s likeness of President Lincoln, introduced in 1909.

Each reverse depicts the four major aspects of Lincoln’s life: his birth and childhood in Kentucky, his formative years in Indiana, his professional life in Illinois and his Presidency in Washington, D.C.



First Lincoln Cent Issue


Lincoln’s Birth and Early Childhood in Kentucky

Reverse Design

Depicts a log cabin that represents Lincoln’s humble beginnings in Kentucky.

Designer: Richard Masters
Sculptor: Jim Licaretz


2009 Lincoln Penny: Birth and Childhood Design



Second Lincoln Cent Issue


Formative Years in Indiana

Reverse Design

Depicts a young Lincoln educating himself while working as a rail splitter in Indiana.

Designer: Charles Vickers
Sculptor: Charles Vickers


2009 Lincoln Penny: Formative Years in Indiana



Third Lincoln Cent Issue


Professional Life in Illinois

Reverse Design

Depicts the young professional Abraham Lincoln in front of the State Capitol in Illinois.

Designer: Joel Iskowitz
Sculptor: Don Everhart


2009 Lincoln Penny: Professional Life in Illinois Design



Fourth Lincoln Cent Issue


Presidency in DC

Reverse Design

Depicts the half finished United States Capitol dome.

Designer: Susan Gamble
Sculptor: Joseph Menna


2009 Lincoln Penny: Presidency in DC Design



The Abraham Lincoln Commemorative Coin Act calls for up to 500,000 uncirculated and proof silver dollars for collectors this year, and the four new Lincoln circulating cents. (See Lincoln Commemorative Silver Dollars for information on the silver coins.)

The new pennies will be issued in approximately three-month intervals throughout the year (launch dates for the latter three cents have not been officially released).

Editor’s Note: For additional information, visit the CoinNews sister sites 2009 Lincoln Pennies and Lincoln Pennies.

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Doris Matyas

Where can I buy the new 2009 Lincoln Penny?

michael l schroeder

i would like to purchas the new cents from the mint but dont see them on thier product list for release, where can i find them to buy them? i am a collector.


has anyone been able to find the new cents anywere yet?
I would like to buy some.


I would like to purchase some of the 2009 First Lincoln Cent Issue

(Lincoln’s Birth and Early Childhood in Kentucky). Can anyone tell me how and where?
Thank you!


Where can I buy the new pennies? Would I need to go to the bank? or online through a special dealer?


Listen the new lincoln Pennies are all gone they only made so many and they were issued and gone just as fast as they came out there brining a premium and they will only go higher because of the demand and scarity


Where is “In God We Trust” on the new design? If it’s not there, I will refuse them in my change!


Hey Cheryle..its on the front just like its been since 1909!!!!


i have the second lincoln cent iussue


I received a roll of new second series Lincoln pennies in my change when I asked for them. I have not opened the roll yet, but with my magnifier I can see what looks to be “ribs” on a few of the cents, almost looking like teeth clenched together. The Penny Roll is with clear shrink wrap, and I do not know if that signifies any difference or not. Is there any way for me to find out if these are worth more than a cent or not?


i have the first birth penny with the cabin


Can someone help me with this I think I found a defect in one of mine it has a perfect little circle imprint on it like really tiny right next to the small low bushes in front of the building at the right , not the trees the bushes anyway do you think it’s worth anything more than a cent. thanks


I have two lincoln pennies of the second series. Does anyone want to purchace them?


Cheryle – please take a deep breath, relax, and don’t believe every Internet rumor you read. There’s no conspiracy. The motto’s not going anywhere.

Just HOW do these things get started, anyway??


Are they worth anything becuz i have tuns


Even if you have tons (vs. “tuns”) they’d have to be uncirculated to command any significant premium. IMO though they’re difficult enough to find in change that you might be able to sell those for a small amount extra, maybe 5 or 10 cents each.

If anyone thinks I’m on the low end, please shout out.

serta simmons

i have the one where Linchon is on a log

Rodrigo Veral

I have a “Formative Years, Indiana” 2009 penny coin. How can I tell if the coin is a P, D, or an S mint? I also have a 2010 “Union” cent coin and a 1945 penny with no mint location. How can I found out where it was minted?

Joyce Morris

I found the third one afew days ago I was looking threw my change when I found it I was amazed to see one.


i have issues 1-3


hi i just started coin collecting and i found a 2000 D penny when i was cleaning my car the only reason it caught my attention was because of this gouge it has on the front of the penny just above the year 2000 it looks like a tiny and it also has a greyish black dye on it ive heard of similiar pennys being quite valuable please anyone can you give me some more info on this penny i would really appreciate it


I just found one of the fourth lincoln issue pennies in my change from work. Thought it was cool so I googled it and found this site. Thanks for the information I will hold on to this as they may or may not be collectible in some decades.


Just wait another 4 years under Obama and you will have all the pennies you want since that will be what you will be paid with.


So I found a very gently circulated 2009 log splitter penny in the cup holder from my 2009 vehicle. I truly believe that I’m one of the first people to have the penny in possession. I feel like it is an rare find so I’ve put it in a protective sleeve just in case. Could it be worth anything many years from now?


you don’t have to buy them they are all around us i’m a coin collecter and i have millons of them just look harder and collect pennies


I found the third penny and would like to know if it’s worth more now in 2013.


I just found the second 2009 D Lincoln cent issue. To me is very special,,!!!! Regarless of it’s value!!!!


We found a 2009 penny #4 in the series that appears to have been offset/double stamped on the front but not the back. Is it worth anything besides the nickel it cost to make it?

Michelle Say

Wow. I have the Young Lincoln. Whoot whoot.


While looking through my coin collection that I keep just for spare change I found a 2000 and 9D penny with a colored background of the log cabin now are all of the 2000 and 9D pennies have a colored background I mean the sky is blue the cabin is brown and the grass is green on the back. Is this a rare coin or is this the way the way they all are? Thank you in advance Mark

Jesse t. 5 5

I just found a 2009 Lincoln penny in front off capitol im not sure if it’s worth anything but would really liked to know… im just starting to collect and would

Jennifer Smith

I have a 1946 s wheat penny with a FG stamped over 46 or vice versa.

Francisco gracias Jr

I have a 2009 penny that says IN GOG WE TRUST and some others that I can’t find errors online would be really grateful for some advice on what to do with them to see them you can look on my facebook page my name is Francisco Gracia and orJennifer smiths facebook page


I have all four of these pennies actually a few multiples of all four of these pennies the exact ones that say that and from 2009 are they worth anything and can anyone help me how do I go about this