2008 American Eagle Silver Uncirculated Individual Coins Unavailable


American Eagle Silver Uncirculated coinIndividual 2008 American Eagle Silver Uncirculated Coins were pulled from the United States Mint online store Friday and moved to the "No Longer Available" page.

The collector silver coins with the "W" mintmark first went on sale on March 17, 2008 for the price of $25.95. Mint numbers show 444,558 individual coins have been sold.

The Thursday posted Mint sales figures unusually reported a zero increase for the coins compared to last week — perhaps indicating buyers were turned away from completing a purchase before the coins were actually delisted from the Mint’s sales pages. Next week figures should be more telling.

While the coins are no longer available separately, collectors may still get one from the Mint by purchasing the 2008 United States Mint Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set.

In addition to the silver dollar, the set includes the four 2008 uncirculated Presidential $1 coins honoring James Monroe, John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren. It also includes the 2008 Sacagawea Golden Dollar.

The set is priced at $37.95, with no indication as to how long it will be available.

The CoinNews collector tool page Mint Coin Guide has been updated. It includes the latest US Mint prices, coin premiums over bullion spots, and sales figures for silver, gold and platinum collector coins.

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Michael Cash

2008 will be known as the year the mint quit selling silver eagles. That should make the 2008 eagle quite popular. It’s too bad they don’t meet the demand but at least we can still get 2008 silver eagles on the secondary market (for cheaper than buying the set mentioned above).

But no matter what the date is, these coins make a great investment and are desired worldwide. The picture above doesn’t do them justice.