First Series 2004A $10 Single Notes for Collectors Released


First Series 2004A $10 Single Notes for CollectorsThe first set of Series 2004A $10 Single Notes have been released by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing’s (BEP).

The BEP placed the first four banknotes on sale Monday for the price of $35 each.

The "We the People" Series 2004A $10 Note Collection includes 12 notes that are released individually in three installments a year. Collectors may now buy a single note or all four from the representative Federal Reserve Districts of Boston, New York, Chicago and St. Louis.

Features of the series include:

  • Limited to 3,000 sets worldwide
  • The lowest serial number available for each note
  • The third denomination to be redesigned in the “Color of Money” series
  • Protection within a clear, acid-free polymer sleeve
  • Housed within an attractive folder representative of the corresponding Federal Reserve District

To place an order, collectors may fill out and return the order form while available. More information for the collection may be found on the BEP page:

Series 2004A $10 Note Collection (First Installment)

The BEP offers the entire collection through its subscription program for the price of $359.40, a savings of $60.60 off the cost of purchasing each of the twelve Federal Reserve banknotes separately. The BEP will then automatically ship the banknotes as they become available.

The remaining notes in the collection will be released on the following days and bank order:

April 30
Kansas City
August 5
San Francisco
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