PCGS Currency Certifies Dog-Gone Note


(Newport Beach, California) — There’s an interesting "pedigree" to a Series 1918 Federal Reserve $2 note (Fr. 776) recently certified 58 PPQ by PCGS Currency. It has the unusual serial number, K9A, and a specially-worded encapsulation insert prepared for this note honors a fondly-remembered canine pet.

Series 1918 Federal Reserve $2 note (Fr. 776)

"She was a very, very loving dog and an excellent watchdog. If you were sick or not feeling well, Cujo had this motherly thing about her where she would lay in bed with you until you felt better, even for days at a time. She was the most loyal dog I have ever known," said the note’s owner, Brian Smith of U.S. Currency Sales in Palos Verdes Peninsula, California. He purchased it not long after the death of his mixed shepherd dog.

Cujo"When Cujo passed away in 2001 I purchased this note because I thought the serial number, K9, was perfect for the memory of my canine. The portrait of a battleship on the reverse of the note symbolizes the strength Cujo possessed.

There’s another interesting connection between the note and Cujo.

"Two years or so after getting the note and admiring it one day I noticed the date on it, May 18, 1914. I instantly got a chill because May 18 is the same date that Cujo passed away in 2001. It was so freaky that I had purchased this note in memory of her, and the actual month and day of her passing are printed on it," said Smith.

"PCGS Currency added the special pedigree for Mr. Smith as acknowledgement that the note does indeed deserve special recognition," said Jason W. Bradford, PCGS Currency President.

"While we typically only add pedigree notations for outstanding collections or notes with historical significance, the pedigree service was designed to also recognize special notes with personal significance. We often get requests for pedigrees to be added, and although we carefully screen those requests and approve them only when deemed appropriate – for example, not for dealer’s inventory stock. We offer this service for only a nominal fee in addition to our normal grading fee."

For additional information about PCGS Currency, a division of Collectors Universe, Inc. (NASDAQ: CLCT), call (949) 567-1157, or visit online at www.PCGSCurrency.com.

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