Daily Numismatic Headlines for September 25, 2008


Four numismatic articles are referenced on CoinNews every Tuesday and Thursday, which are not written by us, but we recommend collectors read them for their unusual or interesting content. Have you written or know of an article that should be highlighted on CoinNews? Please let us know.

Here are today’s articles:

Seven Coins with Potential
By Mark Benvenuto, Coins Magazine

Gamblers always want to find that safe bet – a sure way to make some money. Some of them convince themselves a particular bet is a good one, even when a bit of reasoned logic would tell them they are throwing money down a toilet. But whatever they consider lucky – including that “lucky 7” in card and dice games – usually overrides any calm, reasonable judgment.

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Call for Coin Collecting Blogs
By Susan Headley, About.com: Coins

I am putting out a call for the best blogs in coin collecting. Although I might or might not think any given blog is worthy of being on my blogroll, I want to try to compile them all in one place, where people can find them easily.

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U.S. firm rebuts Spanish charges over $500 mn treasure haul
By Emilio J. Lopez, Trading Markets

U.S. treasure-hunting firm Odyssey Marine Exploration denied Spanish government claims that it "secretly" scoured the ocean floor to find a wreck containing a $500 million haul of colonial-era coins. "Odyssey in this case followed all the appropriate archaeological and legal protocols," Odyssey CEO Greg Stemm told Efe, calling allegations to the contrary false and "inflammatory."

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Steve Roach Joins the Certified Collectibles Group

Steve Roach has joined the Certified Collectibles Group as Director of Marketing. In his new role, Steve will be responsible for the management of marketing programs for NGC, NCS, PMG and CGC, as well as for collector outreach initiatives through the Collectors Society.

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