Daily Numismatic Headlines for September 18, 2008


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Ancient Asian coin found in upstate NY
By Associated Press

An ancient coin from Asia has been discovered in an archaeological dig behind a 19th-century tavern in upstate New York.

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Who has lost my treasure?
By Dee Adcock, Daily Echo

METAL detectorist John House claims ancient coins found near Dorchester have been lost after being handed to the authorities for a treasure hearing. He says he is still waiting to find out about silver coins dating back to the Celts that he dug up at Muckleford in 1994.

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5 Good Reasons to Buy Gold Coins Now
By Times of the Internet

As the world’s economy stutters along, and the economic future looks a bit cloudy, it would be a good idea to consider how the ordinary man in the street could go about protecting his hard earned nest egg if the world slipped into a full recession.

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New platinum coin to celebrate Obama

A small jewelery company in Birmingham has announced that it is producing commemorative platinum coins featuring US presidential nominee Barack Obama. The Democrat candidate will go head-to-head with Republican rivals John McCain and Sarah Palin as he bids to become the world’s most powerful man on November 4th.

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