Jackson Liberty First Spouse Gold Coins Arrive Aug. 28


Jackson Liberty First Spouse gold coins will be available from the United States Mint on Thursday, August 28. The 1/2-ounce proof and uncirculated versions are priced at $619.95 and $599.95, respectively. Both versions have a face value of $10, are composed of 24-karat gold, and have a total mintage of 40,000.

Jackson Liberty First Spouse gold proof and uncirculated coins

The current prices are the same as the Louisa Adams and Elizabeth Monroe spouse gold coins, even though gold has come down in price recently. (See live spot bullion prices.) Ironically, the 2007 Dolley Madison proof and uncirculated versions are still available and priced at $529.95 and $509.95, respectively.

Bronze medals bearing the likeness of the Jackson Liberty coin is also available for $3.50.

Sales of First Spouse coins were red hot when the series initially started in 2007. The Martha Washington, Abigail Adams and Thomas Jefferson versions were sold out within hours of their release. Since, however, the popularity of the coins have diminished.

New mint products, and new coin series in particular, are generally more popular when first introduced. That helps explain the first three gold coin sellouts. Perhaps more important, gold prices and 2007 spouse coins were less expensive. The secondary market for the coins has diminished as well.

Only time can tell whether the trend will change again.

The Andrew Jackson First Spouse coin and medal design

Jackson was a widower while serving as president. As such and determined by law, the obverse or heads side of the coin bears a historical image of Lady Liberty. In this case, a Capped Bust Liberty design that was used during his administration.

The coin and medal design, as described by the Mint release announcement follows:


The image selected for the obverse of the Andrew Jackson’s Liberty First Spouse Gold Coin is a reproduction of the Capped Bust, Lettered Edge Half-Dollar minted from 1807 to 1836. 

The image was designed by United States Mint Engraver John Reich (1768-1833).  Inscriptions on the obverse are “In God We Trust,” “2008” and “1829-1837,” the years Jackson served as President.

The reverse of Jackson’s Liberty First Spouse Gold Coin is emblazoned with an image of “Old Hickory,” a war hero who led a force of approximately 4,000 troops against the British Army at the battle of New Orleans. 

The coin was designed by United States Mint Artistic Infusion Program Master Designer Justin Kunz and sculpted by United States Mint Sculptor-Engraver Don Everhart.  Inscriptions on the reverse are “United States of America,” “E Pluribus Unum,” “$10,” “1/2 oz.” and “.9999 Fine Gold.” 


Order information

On or after August 28 at noon (ET), the two Jackson Liberty First Spouse gold coins may be purchased on the U.S. Mint product page:

First Spouse Gold

There is a limit of 10 coins per version in place. The medal may be purchased from the Mint page:

First Spouse Medals

Orders may also be placed using the Mint’s toll free number 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468). Hearing- and speech-impaired customers may place orders and inquiries through TTY at 1-888-321-MINT (6468), Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (ET).

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