Lincoln Formative Years Rolls, Jackson’s Liberty Gold: No Longer Available


Late this morning, the US Mint stopped selling Jackson’s Liberty First Spouse Gold Uncirculated Coins and 2009 Lincoln Cent Formative Years Two-Roll sets. Both are now listed on the Mint’s ‘No Longer Available‘ page.

2009 Lincoln Formative Years Rolls and Jackson's Liberty First Spouse Gold Coin

CoinNews reported a few days ago of the likelihood of Jackson’s Liberty getting pulled from Mint store shelves prior to the Sarah Polk coin launch. It has been the Mint’s practice to discontinue sales of the oldest spouse coin before the debut of a new spouse coin. The proof version of Jackson’s Liberty was pulled several weeks ago.

As for Lincoln Formative Years (also known as Rail-Splitter) rolls, the Mint reached its self-imposed limit of 300,000 sets sold. Initially offered for sale on May 14th, the rolls were temporarily halted on the eve of the release of the Professional Life cent, only to be placed back on sale a few weeks later. The Mint indicated cancellations had opened up more inventory and provided a new revised total of 296,000 sold.

The latest locked down figure suggests that 300,000 will be the new limit for the third and fourth bicentennial 2009 pennies. The first Log Cabin two roll sets were "sold out" within two weeks at 96,000.

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