ANA Recognizes Exhibitors at World’s Fair of Money in Baltimore


ANAThe American Numismatic Association presented 71 competitive exhibit awards at the 2008 World’s Fair of Money® in Baltimore. Winners were announced at the Exhibit Awards Presentation and Reception on Aug. 2.

Sixty-one exhibitors of all ages and experience levels, showing 85 displays, competed in this year’s program. There were also 9 non-competitive exhibitors showing 16 exhibits. The Collector Gallery featured eight current or former ANA convention Best-of-Show exhibits.

The top exhibitor was Mack Martin, who received the Howland Wood Memorial Award for Best-of-Show for his exhibit, "State of Georgia Currency Certificates, 1861-1865." First runnerup was Sam Deep, for "Off the Beaten Numismatic Path." Second runner-up was Steve Middleton for "Medals of the First Ferris Wheel."

Sandra Emme won the Thos. H. Law Award for first-time exhibitors for "A Brief History of Ballooning." The Rodger E. Hershey Memorial People’s Choice Award, selected by those attending the show, was given to Deep for "Off the Beaten Numismatic Path." Zachary Beier received the Derek Pobjoy Award for best exhibit of modern circulating commemorative coins for "Westward Ho! The Journey of Louis and Clark."

The ANA also presented competitive exhibit awards for Young Numismatists (YN) age 17 and younger. The Charles H. Wolfe Sr. Memorial Award for YN Best-in-Show exhibit was presented to Katie Heinrich for "Uncommon Women on Common Currency."

The following class exhibit awards were presented:

Class 1: United States Coins – Lelan G. Rogers Memorial
First Place – William Cowburn, "Barber Quarter Dollar Mint Mark Positions and Reverse Subtypes, 1892-1900"
Second Place – Carl Waltz, Jr., "Lincoln Cents of 1909"
Third Place – Robert Getty, "United States Coins of 1872"

Class 2: United States Fiscal Paper – Sidney W. Smith/William Donlon Memorial
First Place – Mack Martin, "State of Georgia Currency and Certificates, 1861-1865"
Second Place – Nancy Wilson, "Electricity: 1896 Style"
Third Place – Dennis Schafluetzel, "Carpetbagger Promotes, Combines, Rebuilds and Bankrupts Alabama & Chattanooga Railroad, then His Chickens Come"

Class 3: Medals, Orders, Decorations and Badges – Burton Saxton/George Bauer Memorial
First Place – Steven Middleton, "Medals of the First Ferris Wheel"
Second Place – John Eshbach, "Medals of Participation of the Summer and Winter Olympic Games"
Third Place – Sandra Emme, "A Brief History of Ballooning"

Class 4: Modern U.S. Coins and Modern Medals – American Numismatic Association
First Place – Sam Deep, "The 1989 ANA Convention Medal Progression Set"
Second Place – Eric Holcomb, "Project Apollo MACO Medals"
Third Place – Joseph Abiuso, Jr., "The Story and Examples of Military Challenge Coins"

Class 5: Tokens – B.P. Wright Memorial
First Place – Millard Hajek, "A Selection of Tokens by J.F.W. Dorman"
Second Place – Gerald Kochel, "Sutler Tokens of the Carlisle Barracks, PA"
Third Place – William Robins, "Bingles! Colonial Tokens of the A.R.R.C."

Class 6: Casino Chips and Gaming Tokens – Archie A. Black
First Place – John R. Hammond, "Egyptian Theme Casino Chips & Tokens From the Luxor –
Las Vegas, Nevada"
Second Place – Gerald Birl, "A Selection of Large Crown Mold Gaming Chips Produced by the T.R. King Company"
Third Place – Christopher Donato, "One Dollar Casino Chips"

Class 7: Engraved Coins – Love Token Society
First Place – Simcha Kuritzky, "Engraved Coins as Judeo-Christian or Neo-Pagan Amulets"
Second Place – None
Third Place – None

Class 8: Elongated Coins – Dottie Dow Memorial
First Place – Oded Paz, "Nautical & Sea Life Themes on Elongated Coins"
Second Place – Ray Dillard, "An Elongated Salute to Star-Spangled Baltimore"
Third Place – Benjamin Gastfriend, "Road Trip: Elongateds from Pennsylvania to Wisconsin"

Class 9: Coins Issued Prior to 1500 A.D. – Dr. Charles W. Crowe Memorial
First Place – Tom Palmer, "Coins of the Ancient Mariners: On Tour with National Geographic"
Second Place – Cole Schenewerk, "The David R. Cervin Ancient Coin Project"
Third Place – Giroud Gilles, "You Said Caton?

Class 10: Regional U.S. Numismatics – William C. Henderson/Fred Cihon Memorial
First Place – Millard Hajek, "Baltimore’s Sesqui-centennial Celebration & Oriole Festivals"
Second Place – Emmett McDonald, "New York City Taxi Driver Badges"
Third Place – None

Class 11: Numismatics of the Americas – Henry Christensen/John Jay Pittman, Sr. Memorial
First Place – David King, "Republic of Panama Seven Day Notes"
Second Place – Richard Crosby, "Spanish Colonial Coins of Mexico: A Study of the 8 Reales from 1732 to 1821"
Third Place – Gerald Grzenda, "Coins of Guatemala"

Class 12: Numismatics of Europe – John S. Davenport Memorial
First Place – Oded Paz, "The Coins of the Empire of Trebizond"
Second Place – Howard Minners, "Origin of the Taler"
Third Place – Anna Heinrich, "The Cat’s Meow"

Class 13: Numismatics of Africa and the Middle East – Menachem Chaim and Simcha Tova Mizel Memorial
First Place – Emmett McDonald, "Byzantium"
Second Place – Simcha Kuritzky, "The Jewish Lion"
Third Place – Halbert Carmichael, "Birds of Africa"

Class 14: Numismatics of Asia and the Pacific – William B. Warden, Jr. Memorial
First Place – Emmett McDonald, "Animal Weights"
Second Place – William Myers, "Counterfeit Japanese Invasion Money of the Philippines"
Third Place – John Wilson, "Ming Dynasty Note"

Class 15: Gold Coins – Gaston DiBello/Melvin and Leona Kohl Memorial
First Place – Anna Heinrich, "The Streets Are Paved With Gold"
Second Place – George Fitzgerald, "Foreign Gold Coins Struck at the United States Mint After 1933"
Third Place – None

Class 16: Numismatic Errors and Error Varieties – Numismatic Error Collectors (NEC, now part of CONECA)
First Place – None
Second Place – Parker Knight III, "Morgan Dollars: Errors in Three Categories"
Third Place – None

Class 17: Numismatic Literature – Aaron Feldman Memorial
First Place, Robert Fritsch, "A Swiss Pair"
Second Place – Emmett McDonald, "Artistic Illustrations"
Third Place – None

Class 18: General, Specialized, and Topical — Robert Hendershott Memorial
First Place – Sam Deep, "Off the Beaten Numismatic Path"
Second Place – Simcha Kuritzky, "Creating Modern Israel"
Third place – Richard Crosby, "American Political Convention Tickets"

Class 19: Convention Theme – Clifford Mishler
First Place – George Cuhaj, "Medallic Tributes to James Cardinal Gibbons"
Second Place – Simcha Kuritzky, "A Stellar Type Set"
Third Place – Millard Hajek, "Star-Spangled Baltimore/The War of 1812/The Bombardment of Fort McHenry"


Class Y1: United States Coins – Edgerton-Lenker Memorial
First Place – Anna Heinrich, "The Streets Are Paved With Gold"
Second Place – Cole Schenewerk, "The Third Side"
Third Place – Jake Hutto, "The Story Behind Your Pocket Change"

Class Y2: World Coins – James L. Betton Memorial
First Place – Anna Heinrich, "The Cat’s Meow"
Second Place – Torrey Schenewerk, "Horses on Coins"
Third Place – Cole Schenewerk, "Different Coins for a Torn World"

Class Y3: Paper Money – Kagin Family
First Place – Katie Heinrich, "Uncommon Women on Common Currency"
Second Place – Josh Wadsworth, "It’s All About the Numbers on U.S. Small-Sized Paper Money"
Third Place – Christopher Donato, "Plastic Money of the World"

Class Y4: Israeli or Judaic – Melissa Van Grover
First Place – Jake Hutto, "Coins from the Holy Land"
Second Place – None
Third Place – None

Class Y5: Medals and Tokens – Charles "Cheech" Litman Memorial
First Place – William Robins, "Bingles! Colonial Tokens of the A.R.R.C."
Second Place – Katie Heinrich, "The Art of a Vineyard"
Third Place – Benjamin Gastfriend, "Road Trip: Elongateds from Pennsylvania to Wisconsin"

Class Y6: Medieval and Ancient – Charles H. Wolfe Sr. Memorial
First Place – Cole Schenewerk, "The David R. Cervin Ancient Coin Project"
Second Place – None
Third Place – None

Class Y7: Errors and Varieties – Alan Herbert
No Exhibits

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