Nicaragua Releases New 10 Cordobas Coin Worth 52 Cents


The Central Bank of Nicaragua (BCN) introduced new 10 cordobas coins Monday that will circulate with the country’s 10 cordobas bill.

The golden coin’s obverse depicts Nicaraguan national hero Andres Castro, who is said to have used a rock in the legendary Battle of San Jacinto in 1856 when his arms jammed.

The 10 cordobas coins have an approximate US value of 52 cents each or about .33 euro.

Ironically, while the coins are dated 2007 to mark the year they were developed and apparently minted, the Central Bank of Nicaragua provided no image for the new coin with their release announcement — a stark contrast from other countries promoting and notifying residents of their new coins.

Very loosely translated, the following description was provided in a BCN statement:


In its obverse, in addition to the figure of Andres Castro, the new currency bears 2007 recorded the number that indicates the year of its development

Below the year is a design security element — a “latent image” through which you can read either the acronym "NCB" or number "10".

The reverse bears the Coat of Nicaragua with the inscriptions “Republic of Nicaragua” (Republic of Nicaragua) and “CENTRAL americas” (Central America).

The border or edge is smooth and has recorded the acronym "BCN."


The Central Bank of Nicaragua indicates the 10 cordoba bill will continue to circulate.

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Koichi Ito

Since Nicaragua has issued new 10 Cordobas Coin, so I am interested in collecting Nicaragua’s Uncirculated Mint Set, Proof Set, and Commemorative Coins. So, Please tell me where to purchase these coins? And I want to know phone number and address of Central Bank of Nicaragua?