Swiss Silver Commemorative Coin “Vitznau-Rigi Railway” Starts New Series


Federal Mint Swissmint has launched a new several year commemorative coin series celebrating historical mountain railways. The first commemorative out of the gate is the 20 Swiss franc silver coin, the "Vitznau-Rigi Railway," honoring Europe’s first mountain railway.

Swiss Silver Commemorative Coin "Vitznau-Rigi Railway"

Artist Benno K. Zehnder designed the coin and portrays the cog railway on the Rigi in the form of a playing card. Separated by letters ascending to the right is a modern railway engine and under the "Vitznau-Rigi Railway" heading is a historical steam engine.


"I want to take everybody up onto the mountains so that they can enjoy the magnificence of our grand country!" So said mountain railway pioneer Niklaus Riggenbach in 1863.


This was the year he patented his invention in France allowing the operation of trains on steep gradients using a rack and pinion system.

Six years later, the Grosse Rat (Big Council) of the Canton of Lucerne granted him the concession to construct a cog railway on the Rigi. On 21 May 1871, Niklaus Riggenbach’s birthday, the first mountain railway in Europe was officially opened.

Also according to the Swissmint site, the Vitznau-Rigi Railway was an instant success. In 1992, it merged with its long-time rival, the Arth-Rigi Railway founded in 1875, to form the present-day RIGI BAHNEN AG. It also owns the Weggis-Rigi Kaltbad panoramic aerial cableway opened in 1968.

"Vitznau-Rigi Railway" coin specifications, prices and order information

The coin specifications are listed as:

Date of issue: 21 May January 2008
Design Benno K. Zehnder, Gelfingen
Coin image Vitznau-Rigi Railway
Legal face value 20 Swiss francs
Alloy Silver 0.835
Weight 20 g
Diameter 33 mm
Uncirculated max. 50,000
Proof max. 7,000

The commemorative coins are priced at:

  • Silver, Uncirculated: CHF 20.00 (~ 19.60 US)
  • Silver, Proof: CHF 55.00 (~53.97 US)

The coins may be ordered online through the Federal Mint Swissmint page:

Vitznau-Rigi Railway 2008


About Federal Mint Swissmint

The Federal Mint is an independent unit of the Federal Finance Administration. Its origins go back to 1848, when with the founding of the federal state, the prerogative of coinage passed from the Cantons to the Confederation.

Swissmint’s most important responsibility is to strike Swiss coins for circulation. For the numismatic market, Swissmint also regularly issues coins of special quality, both for circulation and as special qualities.

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Koichi Ito

Railway Coins has been issued in Sweden as well as India and Canada. Now Switzerland! Railroad Coins are very popular so must order soon so it will be gone soon!