Heritage Posts $7.5 Million Auction of World Coins at May 2008 Long Beach


Part of $26.5 Million Long Beach Signature Auctions with total prices for ancient and world coins realizing $7.5 million and the American coins exceeding $19 million.

Dallas, TX. Heritage Auction Galleries’ Long Beach Signature® Auction of Ancients and World Coins has brought in nearly $7.5 million in prices realized. The concurrent Signature® Auction of U.S. coins realized $19 million. The totals will rise further when post auction buys are finalized. 

Heritage Long Beach Auction - World Coins, Highlights and Prices Realized


“While the Russian market continues extremely strong,” noted Warren Tucker, Heritage’s Director of World Coins, “Latin American coins also performed very well, no doubt influenced by the addition of Cristiano Bierrenbach to our staff.

We were pleasantly surprised at the price realized by Lot 52416, a gold 1728 Holland VOC Ducaton of the Netherlands East Indies, which realized $126,500 against an estimate of $30-$35,000; interest in such rarities has been climbing around the globe.

Of our top five highest realizing coins, only one was from Russia – although the Russian rarities made up the highest percentage of our best selling lots. Altogether, more than 650 consignors participated in our May Long Beach auctions, and more than 5,000 bidders.”


Highlights from Heritage’s Long Beach Ancient & World Coin Signature® Auction


Netherlands East Indies: Lot 52416:

1728 Holland VOC Ducaton Struck in Gold, KM71a, PR63 NGC

Realized $126,500 against estimate:$30,000-$35,000



Guatemala: Lot 51936:

Carlos III, 1768-G gold 8 Escudos, KM31, Cal. 666, AU.

Ex-Eliasberg, from B. Max Mehl’s sale of the Thomas W. Voetter Collection, January 1943, Lot 156. From the Besalú Collection.

Realized $103,500



Mexico: Lot 52215:

Felipe V Pillar 8 Reales 1732 MoF, KM103, Cayon 9349, Calico 692, Choice AU. From the Besalú Collection.

Realized $86,250



Russia: Lot 52646:

Alexander I Pattern Rouble 1801, Bit-632 (R3), Severin-2497, Julian-941, MS61 NGC. From the Dr. Patrick Tan Collection.

Realized $86,250  



Brazil: Lot 50642:

Pedro II 1844 100 Reis, KM452, toned XF, the finest of only three known.

Realized $83,375.



Russia: Lot 52685:

Nicholas I 1833 platinum 6 Roubles. Bit-59, MS64 NGC.

Realized $74,750



Spanish Colonial: Lot 52984:

Atocha, Gold bar, provenance unknown, with Treasure Salvors Certificate; 2,137 gm, 20.75 kt., 245mm in length.

Realized $74,750



Russia: Lot 52671:

Nicholas I 1836 Novodel 1 ½ Family Rouble, obverse signed.

Realized $69,000



Russia: Lot 52618:

Peter I (The Great) 1723 Rouble 1723 OK, Diakov-49, Uzd 610, MS62 NGC. Realized: $63,250



Canada: Lot 50840:

1911/1912 George V Specimen Set with Original Case, eight coins, certified by NGC Specimen 62 to 67; Only five full sets were issued.

Realized $57,500



Russia: Lot 52684:

Nicholas I 1831 Platinum 6 Roubles, Proof 66 Cameo

From the Belle Glade Collection.

Realized $54,625



Great Britain: Lot 51789:

George III 1768 Pattern 2 Guineas S-3724A, Wilson & Rasmussen 79, PR64 CAM PCGS; the first date of the pattern 2 Guineas.

Realized $54,050



Russia: Lot 52743

Nicholas II 1901 Proof Rouble AP, Bit-54, Proof 66 PCGS.

Realized $51,750



Costa Rica: Lot 51207:

Central American Republic 1828F-CR gold 8 Escudos, KM17, MS63 NGC.

Realized $48,875



Russia: Lot 52757:

Nicholas II. 1912 Alexander III Commemorative Rouble 1912, Bit-330, Uzd-4199, MS65 NGC. From the Belle Glade Collection.

Realized $48,300



Russia: Lot 52650:

Alexander I. 1817 gold 5 Roubles, Bit-18, Proof 64 PCGS. From the Belle Glade Collection.

Realized $46,000



Russia: Lot 52742:

Nicholas II. Proof Rouble 1901 AP, Bit-54, Proof 64 NGC. From the Belle Glade Collection.

Realized $43,125



Russia: Lot 52701:

Alexander II. 1862 gold Proof 5 Roubles, Bit-8, Proof 65 NGC. Ex: Hesselgesser Collection. From the Belle Glade Collection.

Realized $43,125



Russia: Lot 52705:

Alexander II. 1877 gold 5 Roubles, Bit-26, Proof 65 NGC. From the Belle Glade Collection.

Realized $43,125



Mexico: Lot 52287:

Ferdinand VII. 1813 Ga-MR gold 8 Escudos, KM162, Calico 1202. Choice AU, from the Besalú Collection.

Realized $43,125


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