Thief Inadvertently Returns Stolen Rare Coins to Owner


Man Behind BarsIn a shocker of shocks, just days after stealing a rare coin collection worth around $80,000, the thief returned them to their owner. He didn’t have a sudden sense to turn his life around and do the right thing. Nor was he overcome with guilt.

Instead, the thief was only motivated to protect his stolen interests. To do that, he went to a German bank to deposit the coins for safe keeping.

And that’s where justice caught him.

Not in the form of the law, at least not right then. A man at the bank who happened to a teller and handled the coins recognized them — as if they were his own. Yes, indeed… They were his. The thief delivered the coins right to the man he had robbed.

What happened next? The man delivered the police to the robber.

You have to love life’s little justices.

Read the very short Reuters article by Dave Graham by following, Thief deposits loot with victim.

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