Mint Error News Magazine, Issue #23 is Now Available


Mint Error News Magazine #23

Like clockwork the latest edition of Mint Error News Magazine, issue #23, is now available. The free quarterly magazine is published by Mike Byers and is an absolute excellent resource for collectors who would like to know more or read about the very latest in minted error coins.

On top of the informative value of the magazine, it also contains an excellent mint error coin price guide compiled by Al Levy of Levy uses eBay as a resource and lists pages upon pages of recent closing prices for various types of error coins.

While the content is first rate and the price guide valuable, what really places these free magazines over the top is the exceptionally high quality coin photos. The photos are like guides in themselves and are outstanding tools in identifying coin errors and building knowledge.

You can view the magazine and any back issues through the Mint Error News website. However, it’s always a good idea to simply download the magazine directly to your desktop. Because the magazines are so heavy in content with quality photos, they can be physically large in size and sometimes slower to scroll through online. Downloading the magazine to your computer and then reading it can make the experience more enjoyable.

Issue #23 Table of Contents

A listing of the magazine’s most recent table of contents is below. While reading the titles, imagine vibrant and descriptive photos for each major topic.

Mike Byers’ Welcome 4
Off-Center Mint Error Sales 5
Double Denomination & Off-Metal Mint Error Sales 14
Clad Layer Split-Off Mint Error Sales 17
Waffled Coin Sales 18
Buffalo 5¢ “Speared Bison” & WI 25¢ “Extra Leaves” 19
Presidential Dollar Mint Error Sales 21
Minnesota Doubled Die Sales 25
New 2007 Mint Errors 26
World Errors 40
Presidential $1 Error Coins: James Monroe 46
Dual Dated Double Denomination Errors 50
Chile / Costa Rica Errors 51
Unique Fold-Over Clock 53
Washington Dollar Missing Edge Lettering Mint Errors 54
NGC Certifies 2008 Monroe Dollar Edge Lettered Planchet 58
1798 Large Cent First Strike Brockage Sells For $27,600 61
Triple Struck 1891 $5 NGC Proof 64 63
Prices Realized in Recent Heritage Galleries Auction in Long Beach 66
Prices Realized in Recent Heritage Galleries Auction in Phoenix 70
Mint Error News Price Guide – Updated 4/1/08 78
Exclusive Discounts 101
Fred Weinberg’s 1981 Mint Error Catalog 103
Jim’s Coins Auction Catalog 162
Mint Errors Featured in Heritage Galleries Auction at Central States 192

Error coin price guide with mint error photos

As a reminder, CoinNews hosts "The Error Coin Price Guide" generously provided by By using the photo error coin guide, you can quickly find an error coin of interest, click its image and immediately go to the appropriate page with more information.

CoinNews hosts the guide on the page:

Error Coin Price Guide with Mint Error Photo Descriptions

You can of course find the same information on

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