Bullion & Business Weekend Report – Mar 22

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Weekend Recap: Silver, Gold and Platinum Prices; Business Week News

Gold hit a new record high on Monday, March 17, and then quickly dropped to experience its largest weekly loss since August 1990.

Gold’s near free-fall was was joined by silver and platinum. The downward plunge began after the Federal Reserve cut interest rates Tuesday by three-quarters of a percentage point, resulting in a surge upward for the dollar.

London Fix Monday through Thursday (shortened week due to holiday):

  • Gold was down 9.6%
  • Platinum by 8.9%
  • and silver by double digits, 16.2%.

The silver, gold and platinum weekly charts and comparisons from last week are below. A Reuters gold video titled, A golden roller coaster, a business week wrap up video and three related articles links are included as well.

CoinNews London Fix Charts: Silver, Gold and Platinum
(March 17-21; Friday closed for holiday)

The London Fix is one of the most used bullion quotes around the world. The London AM fix for gold and platinum begins at 10:30am GMT (5:30am in New York), and the PM fix begins at 3pm GMT (10am in New York). The London Fix for silver begins each business day at 12pm GMT (7am in New York).

London Fix figures: percent and dollar change after Thursday’s close

Week % Change
Week $ Change
Thursday Close

Week change numbers are for Monday-Thursday (holiday shortened week).

London Fix: previous week figures

Week % Change
Week $ Change
Friday Close

Week change numbers are for Monday-Friday.

Bullion and business related articles for the week

In related news, interesting or quick-read articles:

Reuters video: A golden roller coaster

Business week overview and wrap-up by Reuters News

The three major US indexes:

  • The Dow gained 262.06 points Thursday to close at 12,361.72. It gained 3.4% for the week.

  • The S&P 500 gained 31.13 points Thursday to close at 1,329.55.

  • The Nasdaq gained 48.15 points Thursday to finish at 2,258.11. It gained 2.1% for the week.

The Reuters video recaps the business week.


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