Silver and Gold Coins Offering Exceptional Value Over History


Silver and Gold coinsSilver is fast approaching $20 an ounce and crossed over a 27 year high this week. Signs would seem to indicate there is a solid chance of it reaching over the $20 barrier and perhaps very soon. As of this writing 11:45 a.m. (ET), New York spot silver is at $19.67 an ounce.

For coin collectors, silver could be the biggest news. The metal is so easily associated with many collectible coins and not so distant past circulating coins. It is "easier" to see precious metal price change impacts.

A couple cases in point for circulating coins using the CoinNews Silver Coin Calculator and the $19.67 spot price:

  • 10 War Nickels from 1945 with a face value of $.50 have $11.07 in silver content
  • 10 Roosevelt Dimes from 1964 with a face value of $1.00 have $14.23 in silver content
  • 10 Kennedy Half Dollars from 1970 with a face value of $5.00 have $29.09 in silver content
  • And finally, 10 Ike Dollars from 1976 with a face value of $10.00 have $62.18 in silver content

The stark contrast from a silver coin’s circulating value versus their value in silver content lifts the eyebrows quickly. That’s even before judging their numismatic value.

Swiss America: 24 Reasons Gold Coins Offer Tremendous Value

Swiss America released an article to the press that is sure to catch the collector’s eye, and everyone else watching the weakening U.S. dollar and latest rise in gold and silver prices.

The embedded shortened release sent through the media is below and cuts straight to the chase, listing Swiss American’s 24 reasons to buy.

The more extensive article may be found on the Swiss American site and is titled, 24 Reasons Why Precious Metals are Erupting – No, it’s not too late to buy into the commodity super-cycle.


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