Lincoln Portrait Made by Father and Son Using 2,400 Pennies


Coin collectors are experienced in placing and arranging coins within albums, folders, holders and the like. Many collectors also enjoy showing their collection to family, friends and other collectors. However, the thought of taking collected coins, artistically arranging them into a portrait and sharing the results with the public is something, likely, most numismatists would never contemplate.

One father and son team did just that. Pulling from 30 years of collected pennies, utilizing their varying color shades and putting them altogether, a father and son from new Rochelle, N. Y. create presidential portraits. In their lastest work of penny art, pennies were used to artistically render Abraham Lincoln.

For the short news account, read the embedded Newscom article, 2,400 pennies comprise Lincoln portrait.


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M Robins

Looks like this is becoming a new form of art. This link is for two artists who are making similar portraits out of coin, incredible.