CoinNews Adds Australian Coin Photos, Prices and Information from Perth Mint


Perth Mint coin photo examplesIt’s rare to find a mint gallery with coin photos, information and prices within a single location.

You can naturally visit world mint websites and find their latest offerings. However, sometimes you really have to search and click around several times in order to drill down and locate a coin’s photo, details and price.

The Perth Mint of Australia works a bit differently. Their product offerings are listed more like that of large online retailers –,,, etc.

When you go to these sites or the Perth Mint, you’re immediately shown many useful photos and prices. If you click a product category, it’s the same. You see a ton of photos without having to "dig around".

In my opinion, this makes it quick and simple for collectors to track down coins that are really interesting and not waste time cycling through dozens of useless pages.

Perth Mint coin photos, prices and information added to CoinNews

While I’m a general fan of most world mints, the Perth Mint is one of the stand outs and it’s why CoinNews is an affiliate member with them. Even better, the Perth Mint now has an interesting arrangement that lets CoinNews display many of their latest coin photos, information and prices. And in my opinion, a way that could be even better than what I described above.

Frankly, while I would happily do the same for any world mint, only the Perth Mint has offered to share their online coin database.

To see large images of their latest coins, coin prices and information, follow:

Australian Coin Price Guide: Information, Prices and Coin Photos by the Perth Mint

I’ve also had the Perth Mint catalog added within ‘Coin Price Guides & Information’ on the CoinNews, ‘Coin Pricing & Collector Tools’ menu.

If you have any comments, please feel free to let me know.

Mike Unser


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