The Friday Fun Blog: Red Kettle Donation Video


Earlier in the month we started to report on news accounts of generous people dropping gold coins into Salvation Army kettles throughout the US. Unfortunately, we had to stop. People were just being too generous and we couldn’t keep up!

This time of the year often brings out the best in people, but it’s my opinion that so many are generous throughout the year. We just hear about it less often.

(Which reminds me… you may be interested in checking out It’s not a fluff site. As their tag line indicates, it offers real news, compelling stories and is always positive.)

If you’re a Friday Fun Blog reader, you’ve probably noticed I enjoy short videos. This week is no different. I was browsing YouTube™ and came across a WGAL News 8 report on donations. The gold tooth will catch your attention immediately along with the Krugerrand gold coin.



Happy Holidays!


(What is the Friday Fun Blog? It’s where we let loose and write our one and only "blog" for the week.)


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