The Friday Fun Blog: Coin Donation Creates Bomb Scare


Late-nighters have a habit of wearing all but the young kids down the next day. I’m afraid I’m no kid … and we were up late. As is more typical in the software business, just when you’re about to release the latest and greatest update to something, you find a bug. That’s what happened to us last night.

We were about to push the CoinNews Mobile site out the door when we discovered a problem that prevented news headlines from displaying on a handful of mobile phones. You’d think we’d have uncovered that in the weeks of beta testing … but that’s life.

The good news is that we tracked the problem down and our coin news mobile site went live for everyone around 2 a.m. in the morning. Please check it out. The bad news is that I normally use Thursday night to think about what to write in the Friday Fun Blog. I’m afraid that didn’t happen!

I also like to do a little research and provide an interesting video for the blog that involves coins. I’m too boring so it’s my hope the videos spice things up. I found myself in a double hole.

But then a few minutes ago I remembered an article linked to last week.

It’s about a generous gift of Presidential $1 Coins that were placed in a box underneath the Town Hall Christmas tree in Farmington, Conn. Unfortunately, the package seemed suspicious and the town hall employees called the bomb squad.

The video is short, interesting and ends nicely. I think you’ll enjoy it. Here’s the link to the news article and video:

Anonymous Donation Creates Bomb Scare

Enjoy the weekend,


(What is the Friday Fun Blog? It’s where we let loose and write our one and only "blog" for the week.)

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