The Friday Fun Blog: Where Has All the Gold Gone?


I’ve been pondering the ups and downs of gold to help in my gold coin buying decisions. Unlike the experts who have analyzed the numbers and stabbed at their predictions for gold’s future, I’ve taken what I believe to be the soundest approach. What’s that… you’re wondering?

Well, it’s kind of like throwing darts for stock picks. And it’s almost as fun.

Part of my "research" involves looking into the uses of gold to trend its demand. Here are two examples that’ll give you an idea about the level of my research:


I hope you enjoyed those.

It’s Friday and I’m now thinking about my "end of day, heading home tasks". For some reason, I thought I’d pick up a little something to drink. I went online to get a few ideas. Ironically, I found some gold-like booze.

Enjoy your weekend,


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