The Friday Fun Blog: 10,000 Coin Dominoes Fall


We thought we’d try something new and unusual. Let’s get a little casual and throw a little fun into the mix! It is Friday after all.

I was on YouTube last night and I happened along a video. I just had to pass it around.

The video has been online for over a year, it has coins and it’s been seen over 660,000! You can’t lose with that, right?

Even if you’ve already seen it, it’s worth another watch. It really is.

The video is called ‘Coin dominoes‘. Supposedly, there are 10,000 pound coins set up. I’d have to say that count is close.

Just click the video to begin. I hope you enjoy it!

Your friendly editor,


P.S. Feel free to send me e-mails saying you love it! 🙂

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