Royal Wedding Anniversary Coins Celebrating Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip


Last week was Queen Elizabeth’s and Prince Philip’s 60th – the Diamond – Wedding Anniversary. Anyone’s 60th wedding anniversary deserves some news time and a shout of congratulations.

A royal 60th anniversary is on a completely different scale. And perhaps more so deserved as it was the first diamond wedding anniversary in British royal history.

To honor the occasion, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were celebrated with anniversary coinage. They have commemorative coin tributes for their 60th anniversary in at least three different countries.

The Royal Mint of UK has:

The Royal Canadian Mint has:

  • 2007 5-Ounce Gold Coin – The Queen’s Diamond Wedding Anniversary
  • 2007 Special Edition 25-Cent Coloured Coin-The Queen’s 60th Wedding Anniversary

Although anniversary coins weren’t noticeable on the Royal Australian Mint, there were two listed in Australia’s, The Perth Mint*:

  • HM Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Wedding Anniversary 1oz Gold Proof Coin (there’s actually a diamond in the letter "O" for this coin)
  • HM Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Wedding Anniversary 1oz Silver Proof Coin 

All these coins, as described on the product pages, were struck with royal design approval.

*Disclosure: typically has ads from the The Perth Mint in the upper right of its page.

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Paul Woodward

I wonder if you can help me. I have searched for hours on the Internet to find this item. I have a set of one ounce gold and one ounce silver 3d and 20d British Royal silver anniversary wedding commemoratives – they are replicas of stamps not coins. Issued by Hallmark Replicas in 1972, my set is #1165 of 2000. Condition is as new in original case with certificate. Any input would be greatly apprciated.

R Dent

I have some too. I suspect that there is no value to them other than bullion I am afraid.

k jones

I have a set of their empire collection issue. And agree that their value is only as scrap silver. at today price that values them aprox £150.


Has any one got any stamp replicas for sale or know where i can buy them ??

Paul Woodward

Richard – See my comment – Paul Woodward december 26th above. These are STAMP replicas, not coins. The silver 3D stamp is one OZ .99 pure silver. The 20D stamp is 0.75 OZ 23ct gold. Both “stamps” are engraved with the british silver and gold hallmark. The bullion price would be about USD 765.00. The set with certificate in velvet lined white leather case I would sell for USD 1000.00. I am not sure what your reference to replicas includes, however I also have around 60 British first day covers – all issues 1980 to 1983 inclusive, each envelope includes… Read more »