Idaho State Quarter Out, Wyoming State Quarter In


United States Mints produce new coins en masse days, weeks and many times months prior to a coin’s actual official release date. They have to be ready for the demand and the distribution of millions and millions of coins in a relatively short period of time.

The Idaho quarter, the third state quarter released for this year and the 43rd of the series within the 50 State Quarters® program, had an official release ceremony just days ago. These public ceremonies are the apex and, you could say, official conclusion of sorts for new coin releases. The official focus must move quickly to the next series of coins about to be released.

In fact, already hitting the news is talks of the Wyoming state quarter. This quarter won’t be released for circulation until next month but, as mentioned earlier, is already being minted for circulation at the Denver Mint.

One article stands out about the quarter and it’s by online Wyoming news source, Casper StarTribune. Why? They’ve made a video. Check out their “behind the scenes” video footage of the Wyoming state quarter in production at the Denver Mint on August 6th.


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