Pizza-sized 24-Karate Gold Coin for Sale


It’s been nearly a month since first discussed, as I initially described, “The Million Dollar Wonder Coins”. They were made by the Royal Canadian Mint and each coin:

  • Weighs in at 220 pounds
  • Contains 99.99 percent pure 24-karate gold (worth over $2 million)
  • Has a Canadian face value of $1 million (~$940K US)
  • And is pizza-sized, as described by the seller

A-Mark Precious Metals, Inc., an Irvine company purchased three of the “coins” from the Royal Canadian Mint.

Get ready to pull out your checkbook! It was just announced that its sister company, Teletrade, Inc., ( will auction one of coins through the launch of their TeletradeDirect® service, starting July 30th.

After scowering the Internet, I found the article from OCRregister to be nicely detailed with new photos. Head that way for a solid recap of this story.

If you’re interested in silver, gold and platinum bullion coins and bars, you may want to head to as well.


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