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COINage Magazine is one the top U.S. coin magazines in the market. What makes this magazine stand out more than others is the amount and the quality of the articles. In a review of the July 2007 issue, major articles include:COINage Magazine Cover

  • America’s 10 Most Wanted Coins
  • The Mint’s Big Mistake
  • The “Sac” Is Back
  • Ten New Coinage Themes
  • A Metal on the Move
  • Ten Historic U.S. Medals
  • Coin Capsule: 1737
  • The Idaho State Quarter

The article headlines gives you a sense of the breadth you can experience monthly with COINage. When it comes to the articles, COINage is on top of their game. They have been for years!

The COINage Price Guide
Each issue includes a several page pricing guide for U.S. coins. The guide ranges from Type Coins to Proof and Mint Sets to many of the major coins you’ll find in the market. It’s straight up handy! I like to keep my COINage magazines for reference and compare price guides from month to month for my coins of interest.

At the tail end of the Price Guide is the COINage Price Averages (CPA). Again, another nice tool to get a sense of coin trends.

The advertising
All coin magazines have advertising and this one is no different. I actually find the ads refreshing, even though it seems some don’t change their pitch and offerings frequently. The positive is that most ads don’t come across as annoying – perhaps because they’re separated by quality articles.

Disclaimer… I may be somewhat biased. Over the years I’ve dealt with several of the coin dealers who advertise in COINage and I’ve enjoyed a mostly positive experience with each.

COINage Pricing
At the time of this writing you’ll find COINage at most of the major magazine stands selling for $4.99. If you commit to a year’s subscription, you’ll get it for ~$2 per issue. They also have 2 and 3 year subscription options at very aggressive pricing with up to 71% off.

In conclusion…
Own this magazine! You won’t regret it. I’ve come to trust COINage over the years and I think you will too. I recommend at least a one year subscription starting out. You’ll save more money and you can enjoy having it come straight to your door.

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where can I get a copy of the grey sheets?

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