COINage Magazine: January Articles and 2008 Forecasts Worth the Read


January 2008 COINage Magazine coverThe coin forecasts and top picks that appear around the new year provide interesting insights.

In making a prediction for any single coin, there’s at least a judgment in its potential to increase in value, driven by collector demand or other market factors.

One of those market conditions that influences the selection of certain coins this year is the direction gold. Gold has been yelling with a mighty roar, perking the ears of coin collectors and investors. When the yellow metal rises, the interest in gold coins increase.

If you’re looking for opinions to where coins are headed this year, ideas for top collectible coins and deeper insights into how gold affects the coin market, you may just want to pick up the January issue of COINage Magazine. It includes these topics and more:

  • The 2008 Coin Forecast
    Which areas have the experts set their sights on?
    Ed Reiter
  • Really Precious Metals
    Gold, silver and platinum prices add fuel to the coin market’s fire
    Ron Meyer
  • The Grade Divide
    How PCGS’s shortfalls will foster consumer confidence
    Leon Worden
  • The Top 12 for the next 12
    Some surprising collecting opportunities top this year’s list
    Scott A. Travers
  • Coin Capsule: 1889
    Three coins were "out," and four new states were "in"
    Jon Blackwell
  • Redeemed Obsolete
    Old coins never die; they dwindle out of circulation
    Tom DeLorey
  • Conversations With Mint Director Moy
    The Mint’s plans for this year, and what still surprises him about coin collectors
    Leon Worden
  • How to Spot a New 5-Spot
    Security features make this note impossible to counterfeit
    Ron Meyer
  • Passages to Reconstruction
    Medallic art gets some well-deserved respect
    David T. Alexander

If you’re not a subscriber to COINage, you better hurry to pick the issue up from your favorite book store. It goes for $4.99 per month and the February issue is already shipping.

However, if you’re too late you can always order back issues of COINage. You’ll pay a bit more at $5.99, plus $2.95 for shipping and handling, but it’s well worth it.

(Editor’s note: CoinNews receives no compensation from COINage Magazine. We just enjoy the magazine and like to recommend it.)

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Koichi Ito

COINage Magazine is best magazine for coin collecting! Since COINage is my favorite magazine because it tell all about Numismatics and value of coins!