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US Mint Sales: Annual Sets and Silver Eagles Top 10 Sellers

US Mint 2011 Silver Proof Set, 2011 Mint Set, and 2011 Proof SetThe latest sales figures from the United States Mint are here. While the buzz in the numismatic community continues to key on American Silver Eagle 25th Anniversary Sets which have started shipping, collector's spent their dollars on always-popular and less expensive United States Mint offerings, like annual sets and individual American Silver Eagles.

Often leading sales, 2011-W Proof Silver Eagles came in second place with 17,701 scooped up versus the previous 22,110 weekly gain. That brought their individual total to 823,598. 2011-W Uncirculated Silver Eagles rang the bell as the fifth best seller, rising 4,767 to 187,810. Their previous weekly sales had actually trimmed their total by -12,464 [...]

US Mint Raises Platinum and Gold Collector Coin Prices

United States Mint Gold Collector CoinsPrices are now higher for United States Mint platinum and gold coins produced for coin collectors. The Mint raised them as a result of rising metal values.

Coin prices can get adjusted weekly based on the Mint's product pricing policy and the direction of precious metals. Those metals have been volatile, but they had managed to maintain an average which had kept coins at their same prices since October 12 -- the last of six straight weekly adjustments [...]

US Mint Reviews American Silver Eagle 25th Anniversary Set Rollout

American Silver Eagle 25th Anniversary SetIn an e-mail message to its customers Thursday, the United States Mint acknowledged the difficulties buyers experienced in ordering or attempting to order an American Silver Eagle 25th Anniversary Set.

The sets went on sale Thursday, October 27, and all 100,000 sold out within about 4 and 1/2 hours. The quick sellout would be less of an issue if every customer who wanted one was able to place an order.

However, as has happened in the past when tens of thousands of customers are attempting to order an extremely popular [...]

US Mint Sales: Eagle Anniversary Sets Trump Glacier 5 Oz Silver Coin Debut

2011-P Glacier National Park Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated CoinCollectors were clearly more focused on American Silver Eagle 25th Anniversary Sets last week as the maximum 100,000 sold out within five hours while the more 35,000 limited 2011-P Glacier National Park Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin registered sales of 10,680 during the several days since its release.

According to the latest sales figures from the United States Mint, the anniversary sets were easily its most popular numismatic product of the week despite their steeper $299.95 price. In contrast, the Glacier 5 Oz Silver Coin, sold for $229.95, ranked fourth. The following is a list of the top five selling United States Mint collector products [...]

UK Royal Mint Reveals 2012 Britannia Silver Bullion Coin

2012 Britannia Silver Bullion CoinThe Royal Mint ( is proud to announce the release of a commemorative Britannia silver bullion coin for 2012. Designed by Philip Nathan, this celebration coin has been struck with his classic 1987 image of the powerful maiden to mark the 25th anniversary of Britannia bullion coins.

Since her first appearance on English coins in the seventeenth-century, Britannia has grown to become a powerful emblem, personifying the spirit of Great Britain [...]

Silver Eagle 25th Anniversary Set Values Jump After Sell Out

American Silver Eagle 25th Anniversary SetSilver Eagle 25th Anniversary Set sold out within five hours. And while none of the sets have been delivered by the United States Mint yet, many are already appearing on the secondary market at incredibly high premiums.

Before those premiums are discussed, perhaps a little background is in order... The set was issued by the United States Mint to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the American Silver Eagle Program which dates back to when the first bullion and proof versions were released in 1986 [...]

2012 Infantry Soldier Silver Dollar Designs Revealed

2012 Infantry Soldier Silver Dollar DesignsYesterday the United States Mint unveiled the commemorative 2012 Infantry Soldier Silver Dollar designs in a pre-game ceremony at Fort Benning's historic Doughboy Stadium in Georgia.

Taking place before the football matchup between the Fort Benning Doughboys and the Columbus State University Cougars, B. B. Craig, Associate Director of Sales and Marketing at the United States Mint spoke before the crowd and special guests representing the National Infantry Foundation and Vietnam War Medal of Honor recipients [...]

Release Dates for 2012 Presidential $1 Coins

Reverse of Presidential $1 CoinDespite an official confirmation from the United States Mint that is likely to be off into the distance, Federal Reserve Bank Services has published release dates for the upcoming 2012 Presidential $1 Coins, just as it recently listed them for the 2012 quarters. Of course, the standard caveat of "release dates are subject to change" applies, but it does give interested collectors at least a close idea of when the strikes from the sixth year of the Presidential series will be issued.

These four releases will mark the 21st through 24th of the series which honors former Presidents of the United States of America with portraits of the selected individuals showcased on the obverse of each strike. The program debuted in 2007 with a coin honoring George Washington, the first President of the United States [...]

Royal Canadian Mint Strikes World’s First 10-Kilo 99.999% Pure Gold Coin

Royal Canadian Mint 10-Kilo 99.999 Pure Gold CoinThe Royal Canadian Mint is proud to announce it has crafted the world's first 10-kilo 99.999% pure gold coin and that this exquisite numismatic creation has been dedicated to Bill Reid's The Spirit of Haida Gwaii; one of the most celebrated masterpieces of Canadian art.

The bold contours of the sculpture commissioned in 1985 for the Canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C., are precisely captured in an ultra-high relief engraving, unique in the world of numismatic art for its sculptural quality. This first-ever Canadian coin to bear a $100,000 face value was unveiled [...]

Waiting List for Silver Eagle 25th Anniversary Sets as Orders Maxed

2011 American Silver Eagle Anniversary SetHaving launched Thursday at noon ET, a stampede of orders maxed out all 100,000 of the available American Silver Eagle 25th Anniversary Sets in less than five hours.

The United States Mint placed a waiting list notice on the set's online product page, stating:

"Waiting List Notice: The number of orders we have taken meets the maximum limit for the 2011 American Eagle 25th Anniversary Silver Coin Set. You may still place an order [...]

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