Release Dates for 2012 Presidential $1 Coins

Reverse of Presidential $1 Coin
The reverse of all the Presidential $1 coins feature a rendition of the Statue of Liberty. The U.S. Mint has not yet revealed the portraits for the obverses of the 2012 dollars.

Despite an official confirmation from the United States Mint that is likely to be off into the distance, Federal Reserve Bank Services has published release dates for the upcoming 2012 Presidential $1 Coins, just as it recently listed them for the 2012 quarters. Of course, the standard caveat of "release dates are subject to change" applies, but it does give interested collectors at least a close idea of when the strikes from the sixth year of the Presidential series will be issued.

These four releases will mark the 21st through 24th of the series which honors former Presidents of the United States of America with portraits of the selected individuals showcased on the obverse of each strike. The program debuted in 2007 with a coin honoring George Washington, the first President of the United States.

Since that inaugural release, coins in the series have appeared at a rate of four per year honoring the former Presidents in the order in which they served. Featured on the 2012 Presidential $1 Coins will be strikes honoring Chester A. Arthur who served in the nation’s highest office from 1881-1885, Grover Cleveland who held the office from 1885-1889, Benjamin Harrison who was President from 1889-1893 and a second coin honoring Grover Cleveland acknowledging his second non-consecutive term which ran from 1893-1897.

Along with the release dates, the Federal Reserve has also indicated a special ordering period for the dollars. This is a 5-week window running three weeks before the public release to two weeks after in which depository institutions (banks) may order unmixed Presidential $1 Coins in boxes containing $1,000 worth of wrapped $25 rolls. Institutions may also order $2,000 bags of loose Presidential $1 Coins by contacting their associated local Federal Reserve Bank.

In the order of their official release into circulation, the special order period and public release dates follow:

2012 Presidential Dollar Release Dates

Coin Public Release Date Special Order Period
Chester A. Arthur Presidential Coin February 16, 2012 January 26 – March 1
Grover Cleveland Presidential Coin (first) May 17, 2012 April 26 – May 31
Benjamin Harrison Presidential Coin August 16, 2012 July 26 – August 30
Grover Cleveland Presidential Coin (second) November 15, 2012 October 25 – November 29


The fact that specific coins are available for order by local depository institutions is thanks to legislative requirements. Typically, local banks and other institutions may only place orders for coinage of a particular denomination and not by a specific design. This unique procedure has allowed some collectors to obtain rolls of the new strikes at face value from their banks instead of having to order them at a premium from other places.

Coins in the Mint’s Presidential $1 series ($1coin/) are scheduled to be issued until at least 2016. That is, however, unless legislative changes modify the current program — something which has been threatened on several recent occasions owing to a growing stockpile of dollar coins in the treasury vaults.

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“That is, however, unless legislative changes modify the current program — something which has been threatened on several recent occasions owing to a growing stockpile of dollar coins in the treasury vaults.”

How hard is it for politicians to realize that we’d save a lot more money and have far fewer hassles if the $1 bill were eliminated? Every other major country reached that conclusion years ago, but of course American “exceptionalism” (= stubbornness) means we’re going to be subsidizing Crane Paper for decades to come.


Even if a bill makes it to the floor to eliminate the Presidential Dollars, I can’t see it passing once Republicans realize they would not be getting a Reagan dollar.

Don Johnson

I am disappointed that the local banks will not be able to offer the Presidental Dollars beginning with Chester Arthur. These dollars are affordable for people like me who are NOT COIN COLLECTORS but wish to purchase these dollars to hand down to my grandchildren as a memento of history. Please reconsider this decision and allow the local banks to acquire these dollars to distribute locally.

Don Johnson


Munze: Too true but the Mint is also to blame for the refusal by the public to accept the dollar coins. Even though they have tried twice before to force a dollar coin on the public, they haven’t solicited comment from the public over the design. Partly this is because at first they desperately wanted to enshrine a female on a coin. This was driven by political correctness and their first choice was a person most had never heard of and really didn’t have much of a reputation as a true example of American exceptionalism and Patriotism along with being… Read more »

John Engquist

I am in total agreement with Don Johnson – January 30, 2012 statement.
I am only able to get the $1 coins from our local bank in Iowa without paying an exoribinet price to someone. I am not a coin collector but have made a very unique map of the USA with the state quarters and the presidents listed below. I had enough spaces for the presidents to go through year 2016.

Please reconsider and allow the local banks in the USA to obtain the coins.
Thanks for the consideration.

kathy slack

I also am not a collector but have made an effort along with my brother to obtain the coins from all the presidents. Please reconsider and allow the local banks in the USA to obtain the coins.
Thank you!

Josie LaValla

Please reconsider having the banks order the coins for future sale to your consumers. They will only be stock-piled at the reserve for many many years.

Marg McBride

Why are you going back on your word. Is this like so many things were
offered and not come thru as we were led to believe. The dollars were
given to my sons and grandchildren as gifts. Why not finish the series…..
Just like the Solar rebate, and old car rebate, conservation projects
not paid as of date and it passed 5 years ago. What chance do I have to finish the series of all the president silver dollars…………..Will I receive a answer ????????


How do I go about continuing my Gold Presidential Coins now that banks can’t carry them anymore?


I have been collecting the Presidential coins since they became available on 2007, How can I complete my collection if the local banks can’t sell them? This seems like another bright idea from the federal government. If these coins have been minted let local banks sell them to make money for the federal government.

Charlie Griffith

This decision is outrageous. My father (who is 76) has been getting these from the banks since they started the series. To stop now is ludicrous. I am amazed at the idiots making these decisions. I guess we will see the coin guy selling them on the shopping channels soon! Wow…and to do it midstream! I am shocked!


I have been collecting these dollars since they came out. I was planning on giving my grandchildren a whole set of these when they graduate. Now I am not sure how I will be able to get these. I don’t see why you cannot release these to the banks so we can purchase these…To me this is not fair, totally disappointed in on how you treating this matter….

Jack R. Campbell

SHAME on the person who made the decision to not release the presidential coins to the local banks..OK So how do i get these coins to send to my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.. again SHAME ON THE PERSON WHO MADE THIS DECISION…


It is disgusting that the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Mint decided not
to allow the banks to distribute the gold presidential dollars. We have
purchased six coin albums and six kids always got excited when they
knew a new coin was being released. Now they want us to purchase
these coins above their dollar value – what a rip-off
How sad this country has become because of greed. I hope the U.S. Mint,
goes under and may the moran that came up with this idea rot in hell.

William McCormac

We are very unhappy at finding out we can no longer buy the presidential dollars at our local banks. We have been buying whole rolls each time they were issued, to be given to our children as gifts.. Can you tell us how we can buy rolls at a reasonable cost?? Or even where?? Or even if they will be for sale by the roll?? If there is such a back-log of these coins, it only seems more reasonable for them to be made available to the general public, and for the mint to cut down on the number they… Read more »

Randy Pitman

Maybe there can be a reversal! The treasury direct disontinued paper I bonds last year, which meant you could only buy online $5000/yr of I savings bonds.
January of 2012 they changed there mind and now will allow $10,000/yr of I savings bond purchases online. Scream and Holler, we need banks to release the presidential coins for $1 to the public, why stockpile these at the Fed. Reserve.

Rosemarie Glaser

I, too, was very disappointed today when I learned that I cannot get the gold presidential dollar coins from my local bank. I also started collecting them in a huge folder I bought and was going to give them to my grandson when the set was complete. Pleaser reconsider and let us continue to buy the coins at our local banks so we can finish the sets and pass them on to our grandchildren.

Rosemarie Glaser

I, too, was disappointed when I found out today that I can no longer buy the gold presidential dollar coin at my local bank. I started collecting them in a big folder when they first came out in 2007 and was going to give them to our grandson. I am not a coin collector so I hope they do change their mind and let us continue to purchase these gold dollar coins at our local banks so we can finish our sets for our grandchildren.

Doug Schindel

What is happening to this country? will someone wake up before it is to late. We work hard and pay taxes. Is it not important to have pride in our presidents
and pass these coins on to our grandchildren? with out making it a money game as it seems everything else has. What Next?

cheryl urfer

same as above need to be able to finish the set. Need to be able to get them at the banks . You start something you should finish it.

richard morrison

this is absolutely wrong not to allow banks to distribute these coins so that the casual collector can receive them. all of us collectors have all the previous issued presidential dollars. now what do we do.


Oh I am so glad to read that I am not the only upset about this. My three children and my best friends’ three children all receive these coins from me as gifts for birthdays, in Easter baskets or Christmas stockings as they came out. They have a started collection… so now what!? I can’t afford to buy through dealers for 6 kids either and certainly don’t need them to be in mint condition… it is a fun way for the kids to learn about their presidents and get them interested in history and our country. I am frustrated, sad… Read more »

A. Rip

What a shameful act by the Federal Reserve & U.S. Mint that distribute the money for the tax-paying U.S. Citizens & illegal aliens and foreign countries TO USE worldwide. Wake-Up People, their is an underlining concerning this action. Probably, involves making MORE money at a MAKE-UP PRICE for the government-owned mint in kahooks with the not necessary Federal Reserve (crooks).

cheryl urfer

this is not cool get them in the banks

Helen Deen

I WAS collecting the Presidential Gold coins for my children. Please allow the banks to carry them again. Do you think this is going to happen?

Lloyd Henry

This is outrageous to stop the $1 coins going to the banks. How else can the average person afford collecting then. The simple solution to solve the problem to get the $1 coins in circulation is to stop printing the $1 paper bills.

Peggy Hopfinger

I think it is crazy we have to order them from the mint and pay more for the coins than they cost why didnt they limit amount of coins a person could buy before our banks are federal banks instead they want taxpayers to pay more now than a dollar per coin I feel this is awful of our government

youna Li

Chester A Arthur alreay issue or not? What date it will be issue?

Bob Okon

When will our goverment get things correct. First they inform the public that they will be making the golden dollars and then they claim its too expensive. They spend money on foreign aid with no return and they tell us the coins cost to much to produce.

Bob Okon

What is wrong with our present administration? They give money away to ant country that has its hands out . However the claim the coins cost to much to make. Give me a break

tom newman

well this is the good old government at its finast. Well people we need to take this country back. We need to start another revoloution. Taxes are way out of hand so untill we do something about it we can do nothing about it. A concerned TRUE AMERICAN

Don A. LeMaster

I TOO am upset that that the decision was made to stop putting the presidential dollars in the banks. i have six sets completed to date. now i find i will have to pay three times face value to a coin dealer to continue my sets. to start this program , advertise it, and then in mid program just decide to cease it knowing full well what it would cost the average guy like me to continue is a poor decision, or a rotten attempt to make money .

Joann Johnson

We would like to purchase the presidential coin dollars in our local bank. Please let us know if this is a possibility? Also, where can we purchase the presidential coin dollars for 2012, we did not know that they had been made. Thank you.

Jeanne Wirth

I was collecting the Presidential Gold Dollar coins for my grandchildren and great-grandchildren and was really disappointed that the banks are not carry them. Please allow the banks to carry them again so I can complete my grandchildrens’ collection. Please let me know when and where I can purchase 2012 and 2013 Presidents’ coins. Let’s not stop in mid-stream! Thank you!

Carol Stewart

Please reconsider bringing back the gold Presidential dollars starting with Chester Arthur as I have started getting them for my grandson who puts them in a special book and this is good as it is part of our history. I also think we should even have some made for the living Presidents because they too are part of our history.