James Buchanan

A new $1 coin launched into circulation today that honors James Buchanan, America’s 15th commander-in-chief. The release was commemorated by the United States Mint as it unveiled the James Buchanan Presidential Dollar in a ceremony on the grounds of Wheatland, Buchanan’s home, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The U.S. Mint today also began selling Buchanan $1 Rolls […]

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The United States Mint on Tuesday at noon ET placed the 2010 Presidential $1 Coin Uncirculated Set on sale for $18.95. 2010 U.S. Mint Presidential $1 Coin Uncirculated Set – Click to Enlarge The set is the fourth release in a series dating back to 2007, which is when the Presidential $1 Coin Program started […]

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The United States Mint began selling the 2010 Presidential $1 Coin Proof Set on Thursday, February 11, 2010 at noon ET for the price of $15.95. The Presidential Dollar Proof Set has now approached its fourth year of issue, with the first set released in 2007 when the $1 coin series began. The 2010 issue […]


The United States Mint has published images of the uncirculated 2010 Presidential $1 Coins which better highlight the newest issues to honor former American Presidents. Uncirculated 2010 Presidential Dollar Images – See Large Individual Images Below The US Mint previously released line art imagery of the dollars. While detailed, they do not provide the clarity […]

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The 2010 Presidential Dollar series represents the fourth year for the program which launched in 2007. Although the United States Mint website has yet to publish specific launch dates for the 2010 $1 coins, the Federal Reserve Bank has as part of its 2010 distribution schedule. 2010 Presidential Dollar Designs – See Large Individual Images […]


The next four designs to be issued as part of the Presidential $1 Circulating Coin series were unveiled Tuesday by the US Mint. Featured former Presidents that will be seen on the 2010 coins are Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, James Buchanan and Abraham Lincoln.

2010 Presidential Dollar Design Images
2010 Presidential Dollar Designs – See Large Individual Images Below

These coins will mark the thirteenth through the sixteenth coins to be issued in the series which began in 2007 with George Washington.


"Each of the Presidential $1 Coins is a tribute to the men who made tremendous personal sacrifices to lead our country," United States Mint Director Ed Moy stated in a media release about the designs. "I hope this tribute continues to inspire a renewed sense of pride in our Nation’s rich history as we move into the fourth year of the Presidential $1 Coin Program."


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