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A Los Gatos, California coin collector collects United States Mint coin sets. Like many grandfathers, he purchases coins for his grandchildren. Because they are gifts, he also pays particular attention to not only the coins but the packaging around them. According to abc7, KGO San Francisco, this particular grandfather was worried that the value of […]

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Today at 12:00 noon (ET), 2008 Bags and Rolls of Kennedy Half-Dollars and Sacagawea Golden Dollars go on sale. The United States Mint previously announced the release and sale of the following product options: 2008 Sacagawea Golden Dollar 25-Coin Roll, Philadelphia for $35.95 25-Coin Roll, Denver for $35.95 250-Coin Bag, Philadelphia for $319.95 250-Coin Bag, […]


Vibrant American Bald Eagle coin designs were released December 5th, 2007 and the US Mint pulled away the curtains to offer them for sale on January 15, 2008.

2008 American Bald Eagle Recovery and National Emblem Commemorative Coin Program Shown are the initial designs and final coins. (United States Mint images)

A $5 gold coin, a $1 silver coin and a half-dollar clad coin all honor the American Bald Eagle in 2008. These three coins are also issued in special commemorate Proof and Uncirculated versions. Information, high quality coin images, prices and ordering information are below.

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Customers visiting the U.S. Mint’s website to place an online order for the new Bald Eagle Commemorative Coins, or any product for that matter, were stirred with surprise today when they were directed to a page that began with:   Because of a transition in service providers, the United States Mint online catalog is currently […]


Bald Eagle Commemorative Coins go on sale 12:00 p.m. (ET) on January 15, 2008. The U.S. Mint made the announcement through a press release and printed brochure that arrived in subscriber’s mailboxes. Pricing and ordering limits have been set for the $5 gold, $1 silver, half-dollar clad coins and special sets all honoring the American […]

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Short video article by showing the minting of the Oklahoma quarterStriking of the first Oklahoma state commemorative quarters began in the U.S. Mint’s Denver facility this week with a single ceremonial push of a button.

Oklahoma’s First Family was on hand to receive the very first shiny minted quarters. In a article, Oklahoma’s image is in mint condition, Governor Brad Henry was quoted at the event saying:


“I think there’s tremendous Oklahoma pride here today,” Henry said after the ceremony. “Coming on the heels of the state centennial, I think it’s appropriate that the Oklahoma quarter is the first one in 2008, and it gives Oklahoma a chance to shine throughout the land.”


While the quarter is now going through its production paces, it won’t enter public circulation quite yet. Hundreds of millions will be minted and then placed into circulation later this month. The video article by is currently the best source to see an actual photo or image of the Oklahoma quarter.

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A flood of stories has appeared regarding the forthcoming movement of "In God We Trust" from the edge to the face of Presidential $1 Coins. They all started with President Bush’s signing of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2008.

A newly signed law amends old changing the location of 'In God We Trust' from the $1 coin’s edge to one its faces. (U.S. Mint images)

CoinNews wrote about the legislative scrutiny in changing the motto’s location, expected the signing of the final legislation, reported about it minutes after it was signed and then surmised that the Presidential Dollar coins would not see change until 2009.

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The 2008 Presidential $1 CoinsThe United States Mint offered up a sneak peek of the four Presidential $1 Coins scheduled for release in 2008.

The next four coins will begin the second year of a decade-long series and make their debut in three month increments with the following presidential order and issue dates:

  • James Monroe on Feb. 14
  • John Quincy Adams on May 15
  • Andrew Jackson on Aug. 14
  • and Martin Van Buren on Nov. 13

The first four Presidential Dollars issued in 2007 had the image of George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. According to US Mint coin production figures, the Mint turned out 768,530,000 Presidential $1 Coins in 2007. (The total does not include mintage figures for the last Madison Presidential coin, which was released in November.)

With such high mintage numbers, you would expect the coins to be readily available and used in daily transactions. That Mint desire is a long distance from reality with the Presidential $1 Coins nearly invisible outside the coin collector community.

Mint Director Ed Moy was quoted as saying:


“We hope the next four presidential $1 coins will not only jingle in pockets but be spent as well. These coins are convenient. Each presidential $1 coin weighs less than four quarters, and they’re especially useful for vending machines and mass transit."

“We will be working with several local retailers and banks in a concentrated area to facilitate the increased circulation of Presidential $1 Coins. We want to see more of these coins used in daily transactions and given out as change like other denominations.”


2008 would seem to be the year the Mint will focus more on the new dollar coin’s compatibility with vending machines, their ease in use with transit systems and getting banks on board to supply them.

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Next Thursday, Jan. 3, the 2008 American Eagle Silver Proof Coin will go on sale by the United States Mint. While the 2007 proof version is currently sold for $29.95, its days are numbered and the Mint has announced its newer replacement will sale for $2 more, at $31.95.

The 2008 American Eagle Silver Proof Coin will go on sale by the United States Mint on Jan. 3.

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The Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) has their next public meeting Jan. 15. CCAC’s main responsibility is to review themes and design proposals for circulating coinage, commemorative coins, bullion coinage, Congressional Gold Medals and other medals. It’s for this purpose they’ll next meet. According to the announcement, their main objectives in the meeting will be […]