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The Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) is placing new Sacagawea Golden Dollar and First Spouse Gold Coin Designs under the microscope. The job of the CCAC is to review themes and design proposals for circulating coinage, commemorative coins, bullion coinage, Congressional Gold Medals and other medals. And that’s what they will do with the latest […]


The United States Mint has updated their online product schedule to include coin and medal releases through May of 2008. While the schedule is always subject to change and coin announcements will be released when new coins and medals become available, the release list at least provides a fairly accurate snapshot for what is likely […]


The U.S. Mint has reopened sales of the American Eagle 10th Anniversary Platinum Coin Set. The set was on a near two month hiatus, having been suspended for sale due to the surging price of platinum. Collectors will be less than thrilled with the new $2,649.95 price tag, which is $700 higher than when the […]


The United States Mint has announced the upcoming release of a young eaglet into the wild in Douglas Lake, Tennessee, in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. The release will occur tomorrow morning, April 10, and media are invited to watch. Country music star Dolly Parton will have the honor of pulling the rope that […]


The New Mexico state quarter entered circulation yesterday and it was kicked off with its ceremonial launch held at the state’s capitol building in Santa Fe. Along with hundreds of people, including children and the Santa Fe All-Stars, on hand for the ceremony were New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson and United States Mint Director Ed […]


Last month U.S. Mint Director Ed Moy announced plans to recreate the famed Saint-Gaudens coin in 24-karat gold for 2009. That gold coin could potentially be supplemented or even replaced by the creation of a less expensive palladium version.

Palladium Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle ultra-high

There is new legislation on the table to recreate the coin in palladium—a silver-white precious metal that is directly above platinum and to the left of silver in the Periodic Table of Elements.

The Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ designed coins are thought by many to be the most beautiful ever minted in the U.S. At the time of the announcement for the planned gold recreation of the coin, Mint Director Moy commented,

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Just days ago the United States Mint announced the release ceremony for the New Mexico state quarter. By the time the ceremony happens, millions of New Mexico state quarters will have been minted. Although the final production numbers will depend on demand, it’s noteworthy that the mintage production figures exceeded 500,000,000 for each state quarter […]


The second commemorative state quarter for release in 2008 honors New Mexico. The countdown for its circulation has officially started with the U.S. Mint’s announcement of the release ceremony on April 7, 2008. There is also a special coin collectors forum on the day prior. The New Mexico quarter is the 47th coin in the […]


The United States Mint has announced the pricing for 2008 American Eagle Gold Uncirculated collector coins and their release date of April 1st. These uncirculated coins are available in four sizes – one ounce, one-half ounce, one-quarter ounce, and one-tenth ounce, as well as a four-coin set containing one of each coin. (The proof versions […]


James Monroe $1 Coin Covers are now available from the United States Mint. These limited edition covers include two Monroe Presidential $1 coins that were minted on the first day of production, January 3, 2008. One dollar is from the Mint’s Denver facility and it will include the "D" mint mark and the other is […]