WitterBrick Launching with Handpicked, CACG-Certified U.S. Coins


Witter Coin of San Francisco (www.WitterCoin.com) will soon launch WitterBrick, described by company officials as "a creative program that will energize both current and new collectors with an exhilarating way of building incredible coin collections."

WiiterBrick box with CAC-certified coins
A new product, WitterBrick, will combine coins with the excitement of opening packs of trading cards

Similar to the concept of buying sealed packs of trading cards, WitterBrick will offer sealed boxes of carefully-selected, vintage and modern U.S. coins that showcase their rich history and numismatic significance. Every coin in WitterBrick will be graded and certified by CAC Grading (www.CACGrading.com).

"There are four foundational pillars to each WitterBrick package: an emphasis on vintage U.S. numismatics; high-quality CACG coins; collecting strategy with an online WitterBrick Registry competition, and a combination of coins offering solid value unmatched by our competitors that is independently verified by CPG®, the Greysheet’s Collector’s Price Guidance Value (https://www.greysheet.com/cdn-collector-price-guidance)," stated Seth Chandler, owner of Witter Coin and the company’s chief numismatist.

"For the last year, I’ve sat on the sidelines and witnessed other programs that successfully merged other collectible concepts with coin collecting. I’ve spoken to hundreds of collectors to obtain their feedback to focus on creating an excellent product," explained Chandler.

"Every coin offered in the WitterBrick releases will be authenticated, graded, and encapsulated by the respected CACG service to underscore our commitment to providing customers with the ultimate level of trust, value, credibility, and quality," he emphasized.

Chandler is handpicking each coin in the program, examining so far over 25,000 coins with a combined value well over $1 million.

"I want each coin to be a very nice example for what it is; coins that I would choose for my own collection," he added.

Seth Chandler signed insert
Seth Chandler signed insert

Chandler’s signature is on the back of each specially designed CACG label to indicate he stands behind each WitterBrick coin.

"The idea of repackaged coins at a set price is not new. But we have worked on this for almost a year to create a different approach and set a new standard," explained Joe Pielago, Vice President of Witter Coin. "After each coin is hand selected by Seth and graded by CACG experts, they will be strategically randomized into WitterBrick boxes with an emphasis on curating an incredible group of coins no matter which brick you open."

CACG will confirm the boxes and seal them, readying them for distribution from Witter Coin.

"The strategy we use in randomizing coins focuses on avoiding the disappointing experiences encountered with some of the other brands in the market," stated Pielago.

The first release of WitterBrick is expected to be available in August and will include many pre-1933 gold coins, high-quality Morgan dollars, and other sought-after U.S. type coins and numismatic treasures.

"We want to redefine the collecting market with a distinctive approach to the box breaking of rare coins with our personally selected coins graded, certified, and sealed by CACG. We wanted to do this the Witter way, with CACG quality," emphasized Pielago.

For additional information, updates, and to be notified when WitterBrick is available, visit www.WitterBrick.com to enter your email for a chance to receive a special WitterBrick sample slab.

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Kaiser Wilhelm

Witter Coin, owned by Seth Chandler, will be selling WitterBrick sealed coins, authenticated, graded and encapsulated by CAC Grading, co-founded by Seth Chandler. I just love the total absence of the appearance of a conflict of interest displayed here.

East Coast Guru

And you get a Seth Chandler autograph on each one. So there’s that. The future may look at that signature as his rookie “card” and will add another $5k to the coins selling price in a few years. Get’em while they are still cheap.


Oh, that’s his autograph! I was wondering why they would put ‘Lets chew’ on the holder. Cracks me up that people put so much ‘value’ on chicken scribble autographs. I saved some autographs from players of the Baltimore Colts and you can easily see a Johnny Unitas or Lenny Moore autograph (and read them).

Kaiser Wilhelm


By gosh and by golly, that does look like “Lets chew”as the signature!


Now that, I did laugh out loud indeed! Good one Craig and I’ll admit, once I scrolled back up to look, I even let out a bit of a chortle. Quite an amusing scrawl that Mr Chandler has developed over time? Or perhaps the slabs are suitable and durable enough, as well as non toxic so they can be used for a dog chew toy or a baby while teething. Let’s Chew…

Kaiser Wilhelm


Count me in as an appreciater of this veritable Wimbledon of back and forth volleys of numismatic tomfoolery. Your “Let’s Chew…” grand finale sent me spinning back to a classic David Bowie tune!

Kaiser Wilhelm

East Coast Guru,

Good one! The fact that this latest marketing scheme is based on the original unknown/anonymous baseball card(s) sealed pack idea means there will be no way of knowing precisely which coin you’re going to be the purchaser i.e. recipient of in any one of these sealed coin boxes. In that respect how the future responds to Chandler’s admittedly illegible autograph may in fact depend on how correspondingly well received/regarded the enclosed coin will be in that time far hence.


VaultBox 2.0…CAC style


Kaiser Wilhelm

Awesome, Rick! They will buy the contents back immediately if you so desire! If you’re not a coin collector yet, Vaultbox will turn you into one! Surprises galore and immense numismatic joy await! The only thing I couldn’t find were the directions to the Fountain of Youth!


Precisely which coin is being shipped may be unknown, but an x-ray fluoroscope can show the size of the coin, guarantying that if I purchased one of these, I would not be receiving gold or platinum.

Kaiser Wilhelm

On the other hand, if the coin inside is a viable reproduction of Schroedinger’s cat the x-ray will likely result in its bio-numismatic demise.