Rare Double Eagles Make Encore Return to 2024 ANA Convention


Described by researchers as "one of the most important recent discoveries in 20th century American numismatics," the finer of the two known 1921 Satin Finish Proof Saint-Gaudens Double Eagles along with the unique Experimental Finish Proof 1910 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle will make only their third public appearance together.

1910 Experimental Finish and 1921 Satin Finish Saints
The unique Experimental Finish Proof 1910 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle and the finer of the two known Satin Finish Proof 1921 Double Eagles. (Photo by Donn Pearlman.)

Insured for $10 million, they will be a featured exhibit in the Museum Showcase area (booth 434) at the American Numismatic Association 2024 Chicago World’s Fair of Money® (www.WorldsFairofMoney.com), August 6-10, at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois.

These two multi-million-dollar coins will be displayed courtesy of Brian Hendelson, president of Classic Coin Company of Bridgewater, New Jersey.

Hendelson will also have another extremely rare U.S. gold coin in an exhibit at his booth (#414) during the convention, one of the three known Proof 1839/8 overdate Type of 1838 Liberty Head $10 gold coins.

1839 over 8 $10 Type of 1838 PCGS PR62
One of the three known Proof 1839/8 overdate Type of 1838 Liberty Head $10 gold coins. (Photo courtesy of Classic Coin Company.)

The rare Double Eagles ($20 denomination gold coins) were first exhibited together at the 2022 ANA Chicago convention and then at the ANA 2023 Pittsburgh convention.

"There was an incredible reaction by visitors who saw the two historic Saint-Gaudens coins together in the earlier exhibits," said Hendelson. "I love numismatics and American history. The displays were an overwhelming success, and that’s why I want to bring them out again to let other people see them in person. This will add to the enjoyment of the 2024 show."

The 1921 Satin Finish Double Eagle is graded PCGS SP64+ CAC and was discovered in 2006, a half dozen years after the first known example was found. No others have been reported since then.

"In my opinion, it was the most important single coin discovery in numismatics over the last 100 years," stated Hendelson.

Brian Hendelson with rare Saints
Brian Hendelson of Classic Coin Company with the rare proof Saint-Gaudens Double Eagles at the ANA 2023 Pittsburgh World’s Fair of Money. (Photo by Donn Pearlman.)

The lettered-edge 1910 Double Eagle, designed by acclaimed sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens, is graded PCGS SP66+ CAC. It is the only known example of this type of Experimental Finish with surfaces that are lighter and more reflective than Satin Finish proofs, and brighter than Matte Proofs of that era.

The Satin Finish was used for 1909 and 1910 Double Eagle proofs; however, experimental pieces with Satin Finishes from different years are now known, including the two from 1921.

Overdate close up
A close up of a portion of the date on the 1839 over 8 Eagle. (Photo credit: Professional Coin Grading Service.)

The 1839/8 overdate Eagle with the short-lived 1838 design is graded PCGS PR62. The coin was discovered in Europe as part of a three-coin proof set in the early 1980s.

"It is one of the rarest coins in American numismatics. Only three examples of this overdate are known and one of them is permanently part of the National Numismatic Collection at the Smithsonian Institution. Another specimen is nearly as unavailable as the Smithsonian’s example because it is one of the highlights of the tightly-held Tyrant Collection. I am fortunate to have one in my personal collection and I am happy to share this historic rarity with the public at the ANA convention," said Hendelson.

For additional information about Classic Coin Company, call (908) 725-5600 or visit www.ClassicCoinCompany.com. For information about the ANA 2024 Chicago World’s Fair of Money, visit www.WorldsFairOfMoney.com.

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Kaiser Wilhelm

I would guess that you can wait until the cows come home, hell freezes over and the check that’s in the mail actually arrives before you ever see these for sale on ebay.


One, may also wish to wait until pigs take flight as well Kaiser? LOL

Kaiser Wilhelm

One may if one chooses to do so hold one’s breath for that also, CaliSkier.
Now how did I neglect to include that classic in my litany? Thanks, my friend!