2024 Morgan and Peace Dollars Highlight U.S. Mint Products for July


July is set to be an interesting month for coin collectors, with several product releases from the United States Mint. The lineup includes Morgan and Peace dollars, an Innovation dollar for Missouri, and a proof set featuring all four 2024 Innovation dollars.

US Mint products for July 2024
U.S. Mint images which show their product releases for July

Kicking off Mint releases for the month on the 11th are the anticipated uncirculated versions of this year’s Morgan and Peace silver dollars, priced at $91 each, with 275,000 available for each. Struck at the Philadelphia Mint in .999 fine silver, these coins are minted using specially burnished blanks, resulting in a matte-like appearance.

Last year’s editions are no longer available. According to the last reported figures, the 2023-P Uncirculated Morgan Silver Dollar had sales of 273,727, while the 2023-P Uncirculated Peace Silver Dollar had sales of 273,969.

The Missouri dollar, the latest release from the U.S. Mint’s American Innovation® $1 Coin Program, will be available starting July 18. It will be offered in both roll and bag options from the Philadelphia and Denver Mints, with prices ranging from $34.50 to $117.50. As the final of four Innovation dollars for this year, it features a profile portrait of George Washington Carver, gently smiling while examining a sample of his work in his laboratory. Coins in the rolls and bags are struck in circulation quality.

Lastly, on July 30, the Mint will offer the 2024 American Innovation Proof Set for $24. In addition to the Missouri dollar, the set includes the other three innovation designs for this year, celebrating inventions in Illinois, Alabama, and Maine. The four dollars feature a proof finish, with sharp relief, mirror-like backgrounds, and frosted foregrounds, creating a special cameo effect.

Product limits, product prices and product release dates follow.

U.S. Mint July Product Releases

U.S. Mint Numismatic Product Product Limit Price Release Date
2024-P Uncirculated Morgan Silver Dollar 275,000

$91.00 Thursday, July 11
2024-P Uncirculated Peace Morgan Silver Dollar 275,000 $91.00 Thursday, July 11
2024-P Missouri Innovation Dollar 25-Coin Roll 8,400 $34.50 Thursday, July 18
2024-D Missouri Innovation Dollar 25-Coin Roll 7,350 $34.50 Thursday, July 18
2024-P Missouri Innovation Dollar 100-Coin Bag 3,150 $117.50 Thursday, July 18
2024-D Missouri Innovation Dollar 100-Coin Bag 2,950 $117.50 Thursday, July 18
2024 American Innovation Proof Set 99,792 $24.00 Tuesday, July 30


New U.S. Mint products become available at noon ET on their release day. The Mint’s latest product schedule is found here.

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$91 for a one ounce (NOT PROOF!) coin is usurious at best. The mint keeps gouging, and people keep buying.

Kaiser Wilhelm

I was trying to think of a word that best described the Mint’s ever more bothersome pricing, Floyd, and you’ve found the perfect one as far as I’m concerned: gouging!


$91 a coin.

Kaiser Wilhelm

I know, J S. May we assume the $100(plus?) ASE is just around the corner? And what about the Silver Proof Sets and the Limited Edition Sets at the end of the year?


I’m out for July. Looks like my next coin comes in August with the ASE-S proof.


I just cancelled subscription.

Major D

REB, the statement said all silver products, so expect a price increase for the ASE too.

Kaiser Wilhelm

Major D,
An already bad situation just got worse. If one didn’t know better(?), one might think that the Mint was trying to discourage coin collectors as much as possible.

Domenic Vaiasicca

Since ive always had an affinity for morgan and peace dollars…..as ive said before those i will get 1 of each type…..EVERYTHING else i have stopped. No ASE, NO SILVER PROOF SETS, NO COMMEMS, NADA i have reached near the end of line with usmint. Its sad ill prob end up giviving up the hobby after 50 years because of the outlandish mint price increases.

Kaiser Wilhelm

Domenic Vaiasicca,
To paraphrase “Jaws”, just when we thought it was safe to go back to buying coins from the Mint.


Chief Brody also chimed in…

Kaiser Wilhelm

Truer words have never been said, Rick. Now, I suppose, it’s time to take stock of who wants to stay aboard this modern version of a treasure ship since we’re fairly certain it’s going down fast.


The Kraken await…

Kaiser Wilhelm

If the Mint adds $15 or so to the current price of ASEs (and retroactively so also for that matter) wouldn’t that put a bit of a damper on how much people will still be interested in buying the upcoming Proof ASE or the ones after that? It seems the Mint has already been pushing its luck with its numismatic customers anyway, but this latest development seems to say it doesn’t care whether or not it is in fact doing further damage to its sales prospects with the coin collecting community.

Major D

Kaiser, the Mint has done this before, most recently on Feb 8, 2023 when the ASE Proof went from $73 to $80; ASE Unc from $67 to $76; Proof set from $32 to $35; and the Unc set from $25.25 to $29: U.S. Mint Prices for Products Increase | CoinNews. And this increase applied to all past years that were still available.


I canceled most of my subscriptions 2 weeks ago. I will cut my quantities by 90% or more after this. Always have been a coin guy but may be joining my bullion friends going forward. eBay has been a thing of the past but will look there. Sure am happy, as most of you here are, that my purchases were from years long past. Being a curmudgeon will help in my decisions.


I have been doing less subscriptions over the past few years, but after the lastest price increase announcement I just canceled all of my subscriptions. I would rather by loose slabs for spot silver prices and they can keep the fancy box.

Mike Petraitis

Cigarettes and booz goes up in price people keeps buying them and what do they have to show for it?