“Best of the Mint” 2026 Semiquincentennial Gold Coins Revealed


As part of the celebration of the semiquincentennial founding of America, in 2026, the United States Mint will issue redesigned circulating coins and offer "Best of the Mint" gold coins and silver medals.

Best of Mint 2026 Semiquincentennial Gold Coin Design Candidates
U.S. Mint images of the candidates recommended for their “Best of Mint” 2026 Semiquincentennial Gold Coins and Silver Medals

The U.S. Mint recently revealed candidate designs for the 2026 cent and nickel. Additionally, this week, it introduced five candidates for their Best of Mint collection, featuring classic U.S. coin designs endorsed by numismatic experts and selected based on public input. This input was gathered through a survey, with the Mint reporting over 29,000 participants.

The five candidates include:

  • 1916 Walking Liberty Half Dollar
  • 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter Dollar
  • 1916 Mercury Dime
  • 1804 Silver Dollar (Class I Version)
  • 1907 Saint-Gaudens High-Relief Double Eagle

On Tuesday, Feb. 27, the five candidates were given a strong support by the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC).

Best of Mint 2026 Semiquincentennial Gold Coins

During the CCAC meeting, Mint officials indicated their plan to offer 1-year-only Best of Mint 2026 Gold Coins, which will:

  • Be composed of 24k gold.
  • Faithfully represent the original historic designs.
  • Feature their original dates of issue.
  • Come in fractional formats that approximate the size of the original coins (1oz., 1/2oz., 1/4oz., and 1/10oz.).
  • Have an uncirculated finish.
  • Feature a semiquincentennial privy mark showcasing the Liberty Bell and the numerals "250."

Companion Best of Mint 2026 Semiquincentennial Silver Medals

The U.S. Mint also plans to offer companion silver medals to the five gold coins. These medals would showcase contemporary designs "inspired by each of the historic coins" and would also incorporate a semiquincentennial privy mark depicting the Liberty Bell and "250."

Development of the designs for the silver medals would commence after receiving approval from the Treasury Secretary for the designs of the gold coins.

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East Coast Guru

Didn’t they already do this with the Mercury dime, Standing Liberty Qtr, Walking Liberty half and the 2009 High Relief St. Gaudens? Granted these new ones will have a privy, but still seems like they are going to the same well again. I suppose that is better than some of the garbage they could come out with. Why not look for some classic pattern coins that were almost made at one time?


I was thinking the same thing. This does have a “been there, done that” vibe.


Yes they did and I already have all three. Why do they have to do these original ‘silver’ coins in 24K gold? Aside from the Saint-Gaudens coin, they should be minted in pure silver. I think they like selling gold coins because who wouldn’t when you can make $1000 per ounce in premium costs alone.


Why does the mint make all these coins in Gold only and the silver are medals only! Only the rich can afford. If these are for the American public, make these in SILVER coinage also so that all may enjoy them.


I wished they had done the Liberty Double Eagle. Oh well. But as East Coast Guru said these are done already so kinda lame.


“…submitted 5 candidates”;
does that mean only one will be finally chosen to have all fractional options? Are these 5 the winning coins all of which will have fractional renditions?


I interpret “fractional formats that approximate the size of the original coins” to mean the half dollar will come in 1/2 oz size, quarter in 1/4 and dime in 1/10 — just like the 2016 centennial program. The dollars will each be 1 oz.

Frankie Fontaine

Really, yawn….4/5 have already been DONE the 1804 is a great choice. I have the SLQ and Merc Gold, Saints friggin HR, AGEs, etc. lack of imagination…..they’re gonna make the 1804 Digitaly needs a human touch


How about choosing the best designs from 1776, 1801 (25th celebration), 1826 (50th), 1876 (100th), 1901 (125th), 1926 (150th) and 1976 (200th)?


Because that would make sense. Something CACC is lacking. Why no nationwide contest like was the case in 1973?


Can we please dispense with 24K Gold. If they are going to do this it should be in the original gold coin compositions. 24K is too soft, even though these coins will spend eternity encapsulated in plastic.

Donald Nicholson

I love everything you do so do your best!
Thank you for your service!

Frankie Fontaine

4/5:ARE ALREADY DONE IN GOLD, NOW THEY CAN CHARGE WHAT $3,500 an Oz. Boring. Except for the 1804 been there, done that, BS…pass


If gold keeps rising past $2100/oz., by the time these coins are released they’ll be $4000 for the ounce coins. Yikes! I’m wondering what price point Magic Mike will be offering these for. Double Yikes!