Designs for 2024 Flowing Hair Coin and Medal Get the Nod


In 2024, the United States Mint will release a 1 oz. 24-karat gold coin in high relief and a 1 oz. silver medal to mark the 230th anniversary of the 1794 Flowing Hair dollar. Proposed designs for both already underwent a review process by the Commission of Fine Arts (CFA) and the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC).

Flowing Hair Dollar Obverse - Original Design Flowing Hair Dollar Obverse - Revised Design

The review panels had differing final recommendations. The CFA favored alternatives that fixed alignment concerns of the original 1794 designs, whereas the CCAC endorsed the originals.

In context, it’s important to highlight that the last design evaluations marked the second iteration for all parties involved in the process.

In the initial round, the U.S. Mint unveiled renderings of the 1794 Flowing Hair dollar with the intention of incorporating them into their American Liberty gold coin and silver medal program.

The CFA reviewed these designs first and, for comparison purposes, requested the development of alternatives that focused on addressing some of the minor irregularities of the original designs, such as the alignment of the date on the obverse and the spacing of the reverse’s inscription "United States of America."

Flowing Hair Dollar Reverse - Original Design Flowing Hair Dollar Reverse - Revised Design

Regarding the CCAC, they opted not to engage in any specific discussion about the original design renders, pointing out that they diverged from the typical approach of the American Liberty program, which showcases modern interpretations of American Liberty. Instead, the committee voiced support for a new series using designs recreated from the Mint’s portfolio of historic coins and pattern pieces from the 18th and 19th Centuries, like those of the 1794 Flowing Hair dollar.

In the second round of design discussions, the U.S. Mint presented the alternatives recommended by the CFA and also addressed the CCAC’s concerns by clarifying that the anniversary 2024 Flowing Hair gold coin and silver medal would not be issued as a part of the American Liberty program. At this point, the committees made their diverging recommendations: the CCAC favored the original designs, while the CFA preferred the revised designs.

However, there were some mixed feelings among several CCAC members. John Saunders, a member of the committee, commented during the Nov. 28 meeting:

"But the main question is, do we want this new revised thing that has perfect detail, it shows it off in a way that technically they couldn’t do in 1794. And in some ways I like it, in other ways I hate it."

To some extent, panel members were constrained by the lack of clear guidance from Mint officials regarding whether the recreated 1794 designs constituted a standalone project or marked the start of a new series dedicated to honoring historical coins and patterns.

Mike Moran, another CCAC member, expressed his views, saying:

"I think if you continue this program to other designs that are in your library, your portfolio, so to speak, if you start to make modifications for aesthetic purposes, I think you quickly will run into too many issues. It’s a lot easier to just stay with the original and let the original imperfections flow through. They’re part of the essence of the design to begin with."

Like the 1794 silver dollar, the 2024 Flowing Hair Gold Coin will feature the denomination incused on the edge of the coin.

Flowing Hair Dollar - Edge Inscription

The Flowing Hair dollar, originally designed by Chief Engraver Robert Scott, holds historical significance as the first dollar coin struck by the United States, with the first minting taking place on Oct. 15, 1794.

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This one is on my watch list and would love to see a series of early coins reproduced. Made if they did a made to order thing it could keep costs down?
Still haven’t broke down a got the Limited Edition Silver Proof set finding it hard to pay $220. I’ve collected these since the beginning and when I miss one my FOMO kicks in.

Dazed and Coinfused

Watch list. Maybe if it was made into an actual watch. It sure is plain enough to. And with the stars I guess they could be representative of the hours, using 2 stars for 12. Other than that, looks pretty similar to the blank they started with


I kind of like switching up the American Liberty every year. If it’s proof gold, I’m a buyer.


I’m in for this as well! I’ll wait to see what the price is for the gold version before I commit to it. I’m not handing $1000 to the mint in the form of their outrageous premium for gold.


FOMO on what? If you exhibit a bit of patience, you’ll get one much cheaper online next year. $220 for that set is a complete waste of money, to me at least.

East Coast Guru

I agree with John Saunders in the article. Same reason I don’t like the Morgan and Peace dollars. They look like bullion reproductions from Franklin Mint. Whether I want to over pay by 60% for the coin/medal is another matter.

Dazed and Coinfused

The or unit throws it off. 1 dollar or hundred cent is fine, but unit just makes it seem off. Seems plain to me. Like a bad Washington pic and an oil spill surviving eagle. And for what they are probably going to sell for totally not what I would want. With modern coins having such detail and intricacy and so much art, going back to a doodle is difficult.

I agree with other poster. I don’t like the morgan and peace either, but not sure if it is just the new or the old and new.


The original Morgan and Peace dollars are more attractive, from my perspective. I noticed that the Morgan design was changed slightly between the 2021 coins and the 2023 coins. I prefer the 2023 coins, as they look more like the originals. I do like that the Peace dollars don’t have the issues that the 1922 to 1935 original coins had. It’s difficult to find a well struck coin, both sides. As far as the changes to the Flowing Hair design, to quote a well known burger commercial from the ’80s, “Where’s the beef?”


Held one of these silver dollars last night, not very impressed with the design after seeing in person. I feel like this country has really lacked in effort when it comes to money design. What happened to the fine detail and the pride behind the design? When I looked at this new coin in my hand, my first and second thoughts were ” this is a fake” and ” how cheap looking”. What happened to the pride in the artistry of the design of our money? It’s been dwindling over the past 35 + years but now it seems we’ve… Read more »


With this country’s focus on DEI, is anyone surprised bt this? I’m not. Coin design isn’t the only thing being flushed down the toilet.


do you not believe in diversity, equity, and inclusion?

Seth Riesling


PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect).


Dazed and Coinfused

I hear the presidential coin for Trump has been finalized by biden. It’s gonna be a picture of an orange

Seth Riesling


You must be one wealthy collector, as the 1794 Flowing Hair silver dollars struck by the U.S. Mint had a very low mintage of 1,758 coins. Even in the lowest grade of Average Good (AG) one would be worth about $43,000 & in Mint State 60 Uncirculated would be worth about $1.35 million.
These silver replica medals will not be issued by the U.S. Mint until next year 2024 & a $100 gold coin with the same design is planned.



I knew I should have had a relative pick one up for me. Guess I waited too long.

sam tweedy

More junk to put in the trunk !!!!!! Bye Bye U S Mint >>>>>>>>>>