CAC Grading Service Goes Live on October 2

Example of a CAC-graded coin
Example of a CAC-graded coin

Officials of CAC Grading, LLC ( say their "soft launch" of rare coin authentication, grading, and certification operations that began in mid-June went well and full operations will begin this coming Monday, October 2, 2023.

"We started a low-key launch to make sure everything from logistics to hardware and holders, and personnel were all in proper sync, and a few adjustments were successfully made where needed. We’ve certified nearly 50,000 coins in that time and will now begin accepting submissions from all existing CAC collectors and dealers," said CAC Grading Founder John Albanese.

"We already have about 3,000 members, and the acceptance of CAC-graded coins in the marketplace during the soft launch has been quite positive. Dealers are telling me about brisk sales and the coins bringing premium prices. We were also recently informed by eBay that CAC-certified coins can now be listed for sale on that platform," he added.

CAC Founder John Albanese
CAC Founder John Albanese

Albanese and two dozen veteran numismatists founded Certified Acceptance Corporation (CAC) in 2007 to provide buyers and sellers verification that their coins certified by third-party grading services met stringent standards. Coins that met their standards received a green CAC sticker on the encapsulation holders.

"Out of all the coins submitted to CAC over the years, less than half received the honorable CAC sticker. As a result, the CAC sticker serves as an unmistakable means of identifying premium coins for the grade," stated Albanese who recently was named one of the "Numismatists of the Century" by COINage magazine.

In 2022, Albanese organized over 150 leading members of the numismatic community to expand their mission for accuracy and consistency by creating a new third-party grading and encapsulation service, CAC Grading.

"Our commitment is to apply the same stringent standards with an unparalleled level of expertise to every submitted coin," he emphasized.

For additional information about CAC Grading, visit, email, or call 888-537-3798.

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I really love this! It definitely helps to put trust in CAC, with our money. I’ll bet NGC, and PCGS, will do the same thing if they are smart. I can’t wait to talk to Shaun, from Blue Ridge Silver Hound, about this. I’ve been saving what I believe is going to be a new record grade for a special 1962 D one cent small date, close 62 for years. I really want to see you guys do that live. Awesome news guys. Sooo happy


Might give us a CACCACCAC heart attack. Although having a CAC sticker on an already graded coin does add to it’s value, at least at auction. One day, I may think about having my graded coins regraded by CAC. Ack the cat.


We already have them.
They are in (NNC) and (ICG) holders !

Curtis R Bylund

I am exuberant on your grading the grader, but must grade this comment as redundant and remain raw. – So if my mother gives me marbles, says to her they are nothing. I read in an old dated book they are selling much better when published, then buy the book donate them , and some of the marbles to a nom profit, then sell my marbles at the old better price, what can I state the marbles are worth on my taxes. The newest rate, the graded books and samples for the store price. The taxes, with the grade are… Read more »

Brent Garza

Will CAC be able to encapsulate oversized COAs?

Frankie Fontaine

CACa buy the coin not the holder….QDB

Frankie Fontaine

Can you get a CAC sticker, ona CAC slab
there is a need if they’re accurate. The big one seems to have lowered standard and lost body bags since they went “private “…time will tell ⏰


You need bigger slabs for all them stickers.