U.S. Army 2.5 Ounce Silver Medal Sells Out


Like past U.S. Armed Forces 2.5 Ounce Silver Medals from the United States Mint, the Army medal sold out. It was not a frenzied sellout that happened within minutes, hours or a single day. Instead, it took several days — also like previous issues.

CoinNews photo US Army 2.5 Ounce Silver Medal - obverse
CoinNews photo of the obverse of an U.S. Army 2.5 Ounce Silver Medal

Released Monday, March 6, for $175, the 99.9% fine silver medal was unavailable by Saturday, March 11, selling out at 12:50 p.m. ET.

The medal’s product page now presents a "Remind Me" option in the event any become available due to situations like order cancellations.

CoinNews photo US Army 2.5 Ounce Silver Medal - reverse
CoinNews photo of the reverse of an U.S. Army 2.5 Ounce Silver Medal

Armed Forces 2.5 Ounce Silver Medals are each limited to a mintage of 10,000. Earlier released medals honor the Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy. The final one in the large, 2-inch diameter series is yet to be scheduled for release. It will celebrate the Space Force.

The first medals went on sale for $160. They have performed well in the secondary market with those offered in original packaging realizing from about $210 to $340.

Part of the U.S. Mint’s Armed Forces Silver Medals Program is to offer 1-ounce silver and bronze medals that share the same designs as the big medals. To date, Coast Guard and Air Force 1 ounce silver medals have been released for $75 apiece, as has an Air Force bronze medal for $20. These smaller medals have no mintage limits.

The U.S. Mint’s collection of military medals is available for purchase here.

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Thought it would sellout on day 2. As nice as this large medal is, it seems they could have done better. The obverse is ok. The reverse was disappointing to me.

East Coast Guru

The Army obverse design was too similar to the Marine medal with soldiers with guns facing right. Need better artistic influence in thought as well as design. Looking forward to the final frontier space medal.


I like the depiction of the Continental soldier. That’s about it.

Kaiser Wilhelm

Continental; hmmm. Is that an early American or someone from Europe?


I think Trump should design it as the Space Force is his legacy tag. I’m sure it would be “beautiful.”

Dazed and Coinfused

The biggest 2.5 medal ever. Contains 5 ounces. But. He only dabbles in gold. If he poops in a golden toilet and enjoys golden showers, imagine what he’d do to silver

Kaiser Wilhelm

Yes, Mar-a-Lago is pretentious, but golden showers are over the top.

Last edited 6 months ago by Kaiser Wilhelm
Chris Terp

And it would be “yuuuuge” Craig 😉

Kaiser Wilhelm

Like nothing ever before. So big you won’t believe it.

Chris Terp


Kaiser Wilhelm

Beautiful like you’ve never seen before.

Chris Terp


Kaiser Wilhelm

“People say to me, Mr. President, Sir, there’s no one else like you!”

OIP (1).jpg
East Coast Guru

I think the only medals that have a year minted and mint mark are the Silver Liberty. Bronze & presidential don’t have a year or mint mark


This one came to mind because if I recall there was a limit of 2 from each mint. Beautiful medal.



Kaiser Wilhelm

I didn’t catch it the first time I read your comment, E.C. Guru, but upon second review I managed to grok the part about the “final frontier” space medal. Brilliant!

Chris Terp

ECU, hop on the Space Force medal. Will be the first medal minted by US Mint for that service. Will have value just for that reason alone.

With both cheesy logo and service anthem the Mint medal might be the best thing Space Force has at the moment 😉

Kaiser Wilhelm

Is it true Space Force is going to put out forest fires from low earth orbit?

InkedOIP (2).jpg
Seth Riesling

This 2.5 oz silver medal was made available for purchase again this morning March 16 at 8:07am Central Time.
It took 6 long days to become “currently unavailable” – at $70 per ounce ($175 issue price). Such a deal!



In 1986 Seth, silver was about $5.50 an ounce and I bought this really nice silver proof commemorative coin from the mint for $20. Wasn’t even an ounce. Today I can still buy that Statue of Liberty commemorative for $20. I still find it an attractive coin but I just don’t buy very many attractive coins.

Dazed and Coinfused

But do you have a football phone?

Kaiser Wilhelm

Doesn’t everyone?