2023 Congratulations Set Features Proof American Silver Eagle


The United States Mint will begin selling their Congratulations Set for 2023 on Thursday, March 2. Limited to 40,000 with pricing of $82, this annually issued set continues a series which was introduced in 2013.

US Mint product images 2023 Congratulations Set
U.S. Mint product image for the 2023 Congratulations Set

These sets are designed for use as a "thoughtful and creative gift for many occasions," highlighted by their main attraction of holding a year’s American Silver Eagle minted in a collector finish of proof.

Found within this set is a 2023-W Proof Silver Eagle struck from 1-ounce of 99.9% pure silver. This is the same coin which will also be available by itself on the 2nd for $80 — $2 less than the 2023 Congratulations Set.

"The 2023 United States Mint Congratulations Set features an American Eagle Silver Proof Coin bearing the ‘W’ mint mark of the West Point Mint," promotes the Mint. "It’s the perfect way to say ‘congratulations’ to special people in your life for milestone achievements and anniversaries — a meaningful and unique gift they will treasure for years to come."

Product limit for the 2023 Congratulations Set at 40,000 units marks a 10,000 increase over last year’s set. This will undoubtedly help with availability. Last year, buyers competed against heightened demand for the set as the inventory for its associated individual proof Silver Eagle was claimed early.

On the flip side for buyer’s is the fact that last year’s 2022-W Proof American Silver Eagle had a limited mintage of 746,760 with: 500,000 of those were for the single coin; 166,760 in 40-coin allotments for bulk buyers; 30,000 for the Congratulation Set; and 50,000 for the Limited Edition Silver Proof Set. This year, the U.S. Mint has stated the proof Silver Eagle will be "minted to demand" with no formal mintage limit listed.

The proof American Silver Eagle included in the 2023 Congratulations Set is encapsulated and attached to the presentation folder with both sides visible. Like its bullion counterpart which debuted in 1986, the coin’s obverse (heads side) depicts the classic Walking Liberty design by Adolph A. Weinman. Historical assets of the U.S. Mint were utilized in 2021 to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the program allowing them to enhance the design, so it more closely resembles Weinman’s original intent.

2023-W Proof American Silver Eagle - obverse
2023-W Proof American Silver Eagle (obverse)

Liberty is depicted in in full stride, enveloped in folds of the flag, with her right hand extended and branches of laurel and oak in her left. Inscriptions on the obverse read "LIBERTY," "2023," and "IN GOD WE TRUST."

The coin’s reverse (tails side) offers a design first seen on 2021 American Silver Eagles. It shows an eagle as it approaches a landing, carrying an oak branch, as if to add it to a nest.

2023-W Proof American Silver Eagle - reverse
2023-W Proof American Silver Eagle (reverse)

United States Mint Artistic Infusion Program Designer Emily Damstra created the design, and it was sculpted by United States Mint Medallic Artist Michael Gaudioso. Inscriptions include "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA," "E PLURIBUS UNUM," "1 OZ. FINE SILVER" and "ONE DOLLAR."

Specifications of American Silver Eagles

Denomination: $1
Composition: 99.9% Silver
Weight: 1.000 troy oz. (31.103 grams)
Diameter: 1.598 inches (40.60 mm)
Edge: Reeded
Mint and Mint Mark: West Point-W



The 2023 Congratulations Set may be ordered on the 2nd from the U.S. Mint beginning at Noon EST. Its product page is located here.

Orders are limited to three sets per household

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I’m just looking forward to seeing how the waitroom copes. The UK Royal Mint and Royal Australian Mint have had similar setups for years now (in fact I just finished using the Aussie one to get some coins released today), however they aren’t without fault. A few months ago our equivalent of the waitroom shat the bed for a really popular release, and they still couldn’t fix it after three days. They ended up just holding a ballot to allocate coins. So good luck all. With time differences, it’ll be a much more reasonable 4am start from me in Sydney,… Read more »


I just can’t wait either.

Domenic Vaiasicca

First year im passing on the ASE W proof….with an open ended mintage its just not worth it at current price…either as part of set or a single. This year its just the ASE “s” single proof and the Morgan/Peace offerings and The Silver Proof Set. Im cutting way back due to price increases.


I’m cutting way back as well. I’ll pick up a few of the Morgans/Peace Dollars and would like to get the 1/10 ounce AGE. unless they want $500 for it! With these greedy SOB’s at the Mint you never are surprised with regards to their pricing.


I see they have increased the product limit for the 2023 Congratulation Set by 10,000 over the 2022 Set. They’ve killed any remaining “collectability interest” this Set may have had, I’m begging to think the Mint is intentionally trying to harm those beloved coin flippers.What a shame that would be! I’m going to see how this “waiting room” works, but will pass on buying the set.


I never believe any statement or information a government entity issues.


I have a subscription for the ASE-W. The “My Subscriptions” page has had “TBD” in the “Next Shipment” column for the past few days. What does that mean? I’m a newbie to subscription purchases. How will I know that I got the coin? Will I get a confirmation email or will the coin just show up (or not) in my mailbox?


You will get notification about two weeks before the scheduled product release date. The coin will normally be mailed on the release date. There is not yet a release date for your product which is why it is TDB. Once the release date is known, it will be updated. At the bottom of the mint’s main page is a link to their subscription page which has additional. limited, information on the US program/

Last edited 11 months ago by erv

If you have a subscription, you will receive the coin. Even though the actual date of release might be known, generally with the subscription you won’t see TBD until it gets close to the release date. you will also receive an e-mail with a week of actual release asking you to verify your info, which means you really don’t have to do anything, but if you decide you don’t want the coin it gives you a chance to cancel (or possibly increase your order) If you need to change your credit card then update it otherwise you are left out… Read more »

Thomas Carbone

Sometimes, when your order is filled, it says that. Look at your purchases. Mine also says TBD and my order page shows the one I bought is being processed.


“Oops, they did it again!”

US mint raising prices on the 2023 2 -coin Reverse Proof, Mor Pea set. Only went up $10 dollars to $185, from $175. For publication in theFederal Register, scheduled for March 3, 2023.

“Morgan and Peace Two-Coin Reverse Proof Set $185”


according to the data available method there are 42,974 sets available under subscription at this time, almost 83% sold if they are not holding any in reserve for day of release


Thanks for the numbers Tom! I’ve also been a bit curious as to if, or how much inventory, percentage wise is set aside for drop day? The other big question regarding the numbers you’re able to access i have, is?.(My phone is my computer, so can’t do the view data trick) How, or do those numbers reflect the 10% off the top to the dealers/AP’s/ABPP’ers? Meaning are those numbers co-mingled? I’d imagine for accounting purposes and “favored” return status(?), that they’d have to itemize or have a different product codes for dealers, yet those numbers do go against what is… Read more »


My thoughts are that about 90% are available under subscription and the rest available day of release. e.g. women’s 3 roll set was unavailable under subscription yet the day of release some rolls were available, which as I recall was around 10%…or something like that. who knows what the big dealers get under subscription, though I do think the Mint actually does try to limit somethings, especially when the limit is 2 or 3 per household. I’m just thankful for the subscription program, no more Morgan Dollar wait and hope and fight the big groups on the day of release.


Tom, you mention, “who knows what the big dealers get”.

Excerpt and link to what the “Big Dealers” get, per US Mint’s website:

“This new program will help to enhance the distribution of numismatic Mint products as they go on sale, expanding availability of our products by utilizing well vetted business partners that have long-term relationships with the Mint’s Numismatic Programs. Not all Mint products will be offered through this program, and no more than 10% of products with limited quantities will be distributed under this program. ”



Well that was easy. Much faster than the British/Australian wait rooms.

Mike Hunt

Are you able to order? I’m afraid to touch my computer!


I was in and out in 60 seconds.it was fantastic.

Mike Hunt

How did you know you were able to order. My screen is just sitting there.

Mike Hunt

I just opened another browser and it immediately accepted my order. But the original one is still just sitting there.

So far I am TOTALLY unimpressed with the new method.


Right, there is no auto-refresh on the regular mint web pages so you need to click something to initiate a request. If the site is over loaded you’ll be taken to the waitroom, if not you can just make a purchase. I noticed at 3 minutes to 12:ET requests went to the wait room.

Mike Petraitis

As or today March 3rd 12:00 PM currently unavailable.

Thomas Carbone

I agree Major D. 40 does not go into 4,169. There will be 4,169/40= 1,042.25. That makes 1,042 orders and 10 coins left over? Who makes this stuff up?