U.S. Mint To Increase Prices on Silver Medals

CoinNews photo U.S. Navy 2.5 Ounce Silver Medal
This CoinNews photo shows a U.S. Navy Silver Medal (obverse side). It was the third release from the Mint’s Armed Forces Silver Medal Program.

New United States Mint pricing has been announced for the collection of silver medals depicting former presidents and those honoring the six branches of the U.S. Armed Forces — the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy, and Space Force.

The 1-ounce silver medals will climb to $75 from $65 while the 2.5-ounce silver medals will increase to $175 from $160.

The pricing information was revealed in a document published Feb. 7 in the Federal Register, the official source of notices by government agencies and a daily journal of their proceedings.

The larger pieces are limited to the Armed Forces medals, with four of six released to date and those no longer available. (The U.S. Mint is expected to release the Army 2.5 Ounce Silver Medal on March 6. It has yet to announce a launch date for the Space Forcer Medal.)

As of this writing, prices at https://catalog.usmint.gov/medals/silver-medals/ remain unchanged at $65 apiece for the available 1-ounce medals featuring the presidents and Armed Forces.

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We discussed this in an earlier article.

Dazed and Coinfused

So it wad yall that gave them the idea to increase the cost. I see how it is. Too bad the medals they give you in the military are basically chrome plated plastic. I would have loved to have gotten solid silver or gold medals for service, recognition, or achievement. Might pass on the army medal. But this is what you get when the air force uses a $500,000 missile to shoot down a 75 cent walmart balloon that’s been floating for over a week. Guess good thing mint doesn’t use a lot of brass, we couldn’t afford to make… Read more »


Space Force


Sorry to say that ALL prices have been adjusted up are as of this writing., the notice has technically not been published, so I’m not sure how the US Mint is getting away with changing prices prior to the “Public” being notified through official publication?


Caliskier – The notice appeared in The Federal Register, which is pretty close to what I would call an official publication, so for better or worse we have been handed the notice.
The Federal Register is a daily gazette containing Presidential documents and new and amended Federal regulations. The Office publishes the complete set of Federal rules in the Code of Federal Regulations.

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Chris Terp

Guess we’ll get a new excuse for price increases – inflation? 🙁

Inflation Reduction Act (Deflation Act) hasn’t helped w/Gubmint pricings?

I’ve purchased the Navy 2.5oz medal and the 1oz Coast Guard and Air Force ones. Now all the gifts I’ve chosen to purchase from Mint have gone up in prices especially the bronze medals which skyrocketed in prices to where I don’t purchase anymore.

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Major D, I think all coin collectors have at least some speculator in them.


Sure enough the prices for all US Mint Silver coins and medals were increased today with the exception of the Morgan and Peace Dollar 2023 Two-Coin Reverse Proof Set Subscription, which is still $175. Yesterday’s Federal Register notice for the Mint price increases only pertained to the Silver Medals. I have not seen any notice or announcement from the Federal Register (or elsewhere) for the price increases for the American Silver Eagle Proof and Uncirculated (Burnished) coins, the Morgan and Peace Silver Dollar Proof and Uncirculated coins, or the other silver products.

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Hey Rich; I’m not saying you aren’t familiar with the Federal Register; however in my case, at times while trying to search I have limited results? Anyhow, take another peak and this is the link I have bookmarked for my daily, FR check.


Re:todays CCAC meeting announcement, I’m excited to see the designs for the Willie O’ree “Gold Medal”! I’d love to see them do a rendition in Silver; however I think it’s legislation will stipulate, “Gold Medal” to the Smithsonian, Silver to the recipient and or ancestors, bronze for sale.


Thanks Cali for the information and the link. I now see that all the other silver product price increases made by the Mint today were only just revealed today (Feb. 8) in the Federal Register.


For a silver O’ree version coin, however look no further!

I p/u 3 from Gatewest and gave one to a good friend who had season hockey tickets directly in front of Mr O’ree! My buddy had taken me to numerous games and on a few occasions Mr O’ree was in attendance! Definitely a “Legend”!


Just buy silver for the sake of silver, for goodness sake!


The Space Force medals will be sky high and will also be delivered by BALOONS. Probably faster than SNAIL MAIL too.

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