Final Day for U.S. Mint 2022 Commemorative Coins


Today, Dec. 28, is the final day to order United States Mint commemorative coins honoring the establishment of the Negro National League and the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor.

CoinNews photos 2022 National Purple Heart Hall of Honor Colorized Silver Dollar
These CoinNews photos show both sides of a 2022 National Purple Heart Hall of Honor Colorized Silver Dollar

Coins from the pair of commemorative programs include $5 gold, silver dollar and clad half-dollar options in collector proof and uncirculated qualities.

Each program has products that have sold out or are no longer available, like the more limited colorized 2002-W Proof National Purple Heart Silver Dollar and the privy-marked 2022-P Proof Negro Leagues Baseball Silver Dollar.

CoinNews photo 2022-P Proof Negro Leagues Baseball Silver Dollar with Privy Mark
This CoinNews photo shows privy-marked 2022-P Proof Negro Leagues Baseball Silver Dollars (obverse and reverse side).

As typical for commemoratives, those composed from silver and struck in proof finish have the highest sales.

Latest Sales and Pricing

The following tables show prices and the latest sales for each product. The sales are through Dec. 25.

2022 National Purple Heart Hall of Honor Commemorative Coins
Sales Price Available
2022-W Purple Heart Colorized Silver Dollar 24,908 $95.00 No
2022-W Proof $5 Gold Coin 2,766 $661.75 Yes
2022-W Uncirculated $5 Gold Coin 1,667 $651.75 Yes
2022-W Proof Silver Dollar 48,247 $79.00 Yes
2022-W Uncirculated Silver Dollar 14,266 $74.00 Yes
2022-S Proof Half Dollar 22,779 $40.00 Yes
2022-D Uncirculated Half Dollar 12,404 $38.00 Yes
2022 Three-Coin Proof Set 4,880 $775.00 Yes


2022 Negro Leagues Baseball Commemorative Coins
Sales Price Available
2022-W Proof $5 Gold Coin 1,521 $661.75 Yes
2022-W Uncirculated $5 Gold Coin 1,505 $651.75 No
2022-P Proof Silver Dollar with Privy Mark 19,675 $85.00 No
2022-P Proof Silver Dollar 22,576 $79.00 Yes
2022-P Uncirculated Silver Dollar 8,345 $74.00 Yes
2022-S Proof Half Dollar 19,012 $40.00 No
2022-D Uncirculated Half Dollar 9,689 $38.00 Yes
2022 Three-Coin Proof Set 3,813 $775.00 Yes
2022 Silver Dollar & Medal Set 10,668 $135.00 No


Prices for the products includes surcharges in the amounts $35 for the gold coins, $10 for the silver dollars and $5 for the clad half dollars.

Net surcharges for the Purple Heart coins are to be paid to the National Purple Heart Honor Mission, Inc., to support its mission, including capital improvements to the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor facilities. Those for the Negro Leagues coins are to be paid to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum to aid in its mission to promote tolerance, diversity, and inclusion.


For more information or to place orders, visit the Mint’s store for commemorative products.

The coins go off-sale at 11:59 PM ET.

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Domenic Vaiasicca

I dunno….i kinda wish ALL precious metal coins, silver, gold, etc…with this years date stopped sales at end of year. I find it absurd that the previous years remain available……and it seems most importantly, returnable. That would make mintage numbers more accurate sooner. The mint seems to have crappy accounting of mintages as it is, always fluctuating for months…….if not longer.


Looks like the Negro Leagues Baseball (NLB) $5 Gold and $1 Silver Commemorative coins made it a complete sweep with the lowest mintages for the entire Modern Commemorative Coin Program series (1983-2022). Here are the latest sales figures (as of 12/25/2022): 2022 NLB $5 Gold Uncirculated = 1,505 (#1 lowest mintage $5 Gold Uncirculated coin) 2022 NLB $5 Gold Proof = 5,334 (#1 lowest mintage $5 Gold Proof) 2022 NLB $1 Silver Uncirculated = 8,345 (#1 lowest mintage $1 Silver Uncirculated coin) 2022 NLB – 100 Privy Mark $1 Silver Proof = 19,675 (#1 lowest mintage $1 Silver Proof coin)… Read more »


Sir Kaiser, in general your perception is correct in your concept not applying to Modern Commemorative coins as it does to American Eagle and American Buffalo coins.


Yes, Major D, the US Mint Numismatic Products Cumulative Sales Figures through week ending January 1, 2023 will indeed be interesting to see. I have not tracked the mintage/sales figures for the Modern Clad Commemoratives, so I defer to you on those mintage numbers.

Dazed and Coinfused

Would the low mint NBL really be of value, or any coin like it? I mean low mintage is rare bit doesn’t always mean collectible or valuable. If they made them til the cows came home (IOW, one per person per order with a couple extra made for retail or wholesale) and that is all the demand they drew, why would they be worth anything in the future other than melt. And with the huge mint markup it would take forever to recoup. There aren’t many Roman empire or cleopatra coins etc, but you can find them relatively cheap. What… Read more »

Domenic Vaiasicca

I just see no accountability with the mint as far a providing accurate mintages…..especially when some have their numbers change monthly….then….almost a year later. Such as the case with my 13 month later delivery of of my morgans…..long thought lost and refunded……appearing out of nowhere. HOW does the mint account for lost, found, returned, refunded damaged, damaged exchanged, refunded lost etc etc. By cutting the sales window to end of year, it would help provide more accountibility in my opinion.


Great demonstration of how it goes. I worked for the civil service for a number of years and can attest to this. Lazy comes to mind.

Dazed and Coinfused

The government has a long track record of being horrible with money. 87,000 irs agents to be hired. Maybe they squeeze a couple bucks from a company that pays no taxes like apple and Microsoft etc. But most likely will end up just making 20 to 30 high paying oversight job positions (irs supervisor of x democrat ran state, or y democrat ran regional office) for their friends and donors. They should have hired 87,000 border guards. Instead of 1 or 2 companies paying a few cent more in tax, the gubmint has allowed over 2 million illegals and at… Read more »


Happy New Year to you all. Hope you find fun coins to enjoy and fun things to share about them this coming year!


I had a couple of nice bratwurst and red cabbage to celebrate. Also a glass of HB beer.


No dessert for me.

Last edited 1 year ago by Antonio

Reminds me of “Ich bin ein Berliner“…


I may be out of it here, but I regret the 2022-S proof Morgan and Peace dollars not being minted. That’s what I regret about 2022.


Hi Antonio, sounds like you had a pretty good year in 2022!


I did. Other than the nonissued proof Morgan and Peace dollars, I received everything I wanted from the Mint.


To receive coins that have not been minted sounds more like an issuance of crypto-currency than a quantum conundrum of super-positioned existential states whose only test of reality would be the opening of the package and immediately allowing the air coins to vanish.


Antonio, I do believe the mint will issue the proof Morgan and Peace Dollars this year 2023.