Reverse Proof Set of 2022 Innovation Dollars Launch Nov. 14


The United States Mint scheduled Nov. 14 as the release date for their reverse proof set of dollars celebrating innovation from the states of Rhode Island, Vermont, Kentucky and Tennessee. Subscriptions are open already. Subscribers automatically receive new sets when they are released, and they are not charged for shipping.

U.S. Mint product image of their 2022 American Innovation $1 Coin Reverse Proof Set
U.S. Mint product image of their 2022 American Innovation $1 Coin Reverse Proof Set

Reverse proof coins have mirror-like designs and frosted backgrounds — opposite of the traditional proof finish. The U.S. Mint released their set of regular proof 2022 dollars on June 7. Priced at $24 without a mintage limit, it has sales of 65,667 through Oct. 2.

CoinNews photo 2022 American Innovation $1 Coin Proof Set
This CoinNews photo shows a standard 2022 American Innovation $1 Coin Proof Set. This set launched on June 7. Coins of the set carry a traditional proof finish with frosted design elements that contrast against mirror-like backgrounds.

The upcoming set has a mintage of 50,000, like last year’s set which eventually sold out at pricing of $28. Last year’s set was the first where the U.S. Mint offered all the year’s reverse proof Innovation dollars in one protective lens as a single product. Previous reverse proof dollars sold individually.

This CoinNews photo shows a 2021 American Innovation Dollar Reverse Proof Set
This CoinNews photo shows a 2021 American Innovation Dollar Reverse Proof Set. It featured dollars recognizing innovations in New Hampshire, Virginia, New York, and North Carolina.

The price of this year’s set is yet to be announced.

For ordering and subscription information, visit the Mint’s store for American Innovation products.

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I’m still going to try to collection all the Morgan and Peace Dollars I can. Something to burden those left behind. 🙂

Mike Hunt

Kaiser —
Shut up. You are so feisty you will probably outlive recorded history as we now know it. Anyway, the only way all of us will know that you are gone is if we don’t hear from you anymore. So please don’t keep me waiting for your next obnoxious comment. And that is something that I, personally, don’t want to see happen.
So just keep bitchin. — Mike


according to the “data-available” method there are less than 10,000 sets available now.
The question is, does that mean overall or just by subscription.
After the way the numbers changed dramatically on the ‘next year’ dollars, I am beginning to wonder if the number available for subscription is something like total available less 25%. That way, on the day of release the mint has something they can actually sell.


And likewise, Mike, we all enjoy and appreciate hearing from you. So keep those comments rolling. – Rich

Douglas Denehie

I would just like tw0 2023, silver eagles, a limited proof set of all proff coins. And a Peace/Morgan 2 coin set in unceirculated condition. But you have made almost impossible by changing you system for ordering. Us small guys do not have a chance. The big guys have all the equipment to order quickly. We small guys are forced to buy from the big dealers at inflated prices. You could help us by using a more avaliable system for all and your long time customers. I am just a one man show I want to leave something significant to… Read more »


At the moment it is still possible to subscribe to the Morgan / Peace dollars in proof or uncirculated. I can’t speak for other issues since I am not interested, though a quick look indicates the 2023 unc silver eagle is available. go to the mint website and under shop/coins you can subscribe. You do not have to order those items quickly at the moment they are released. There is no excuse if you really want up to 3 Morgan/Peace dollars. The mint actually changed the system for ordering those coins and in my opinion made it tons easier to… Read more »


If I understand things correctly, the other plus of the enrollments, if that is all you get, is no shipping charge, unlike the “order 3 items during the year” and after that the shipping is free. Since you are limited to 3 of the Morgan dollars, that household limit seems to work, as there are still plenty available, but seem to be going fast. For those of us who jumped on the 3 roll set of women’s quarters, that was limited to 1 per household under the enrollment method, so I do think the limit does help. Those lasted a… Read more »

sam tweedy

Innovation “CRAP” Run Forrest Run >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>////////////>>>>>>>///////////