2021-W $50 Proof American Buffalo Gold Coin Released


The United States Mint started accepting orders for the 2021-W $50 Proof American Gold Buffalo, extending their collector series which dates back to 2006.

U.S. Mint product Images for the 2020-W $50 Proof American Buffalo Gold Coin
U.S. Mint product images for the 2021-W $50 Proof American Buffalo Gold Coin. Each coin ships in a brown leatherette presentation case with the United States Mint seal embossed on top and an image of a buffalo foil stamped in a golden color on the pillow insert.

Each is composed of 1 ounce of .9999 fine, 24-karat gold and bears recreations of sculptor James Earle Fraser’s 1913 Type I Buffalo nickel designs which are favored by many collectors.

Produced at the U.S. Mint’s facility in West Point, the proof Gold Buffalo has an initial price of $2,740.00.

Sales from 2006 to 2020

Despite their high price tag, thousands of these 1-ounce coins are sold annually, as illustrated in the table below.

Year Debut Price Final Sales
2020 (released on April 9) $2,315.00 11,887
2019 (released on April 12) $1,660.00 14,844
2018 (released on May 10) $1,710.00 15,756
2017 (released on May 11) $1,590.00 15,810
2016 (released on March 31) $1,590.00 21,878
2015 (released on April 9) $1,590.00 16,591
2014 (released on May 8) $1,640.00 20,557
2013 (released on May 23) $1,790.00 18,594
2012 (released March 15) $1,960.00 19,715
2011 (released May 19) $1,760.00 28,683
2010 (released June 3) $1,510.00 49,263
2009 (released October 29) $1,360.00 49,306
2008 (released July 22) $1,199.95 18,863
2007 (released May 23) $825.95 58,998
2006 (released June 22) $800.00 246,267

Along with the 1-ounce proof and companion bullion editions, the U.S. Mint has issued other variations of the coin to include fractional as well as a special reverse proof to celebrate the anniversary of the designs.

American Buffalo Gold Coin Designs and Specifications

A right-facing portrait of a Native American is featured on the obverse (heads side) of each Gold Buffalo just as it did on the original 1913 nickels. The image is said to be created from a composite of three different individuals. Obverse inscriptions include LIBERTY, a W mint mark for the West Point Mint, 2021, and an F for the artist’s initial.

2021-W $50 Proof American Buffalo Gold Coin-Obverse
This image shows the gold coin’s obverse or heads side

The reverse was also featured on the 1913 nickel and depicts an American Buffalo, or bison. The bison is surrounded by inscriptions of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, E PLURIBUS UNUM, IN GOD WE TRUST, the coin’s legal tender face value of $50 and its weight and fineness of 1 OZ. .9999 FINE GOLD.

2021-W $50 Proof American Buffalo Gold Coin-Reverse
This image shows the coin’s reverse or tails side

Specifications, as provided by the U.S. Mint, are as follows:

Coin Specifications

Denomination: $50
Finish: Proof
Composition: 99.99% Gold
Diameter: 1.287 inches
(32.70 mm)
Weight: 1.0000 troy ounce
(31.103 grams)
Edge: Reeded
Mint and Mint Mark: West Point – W
Privy Mark: None


The 2021-W $50 Proof American Buffalo Gold Coin may be ordered directly from the U.S. Mint via its webpage dedicated to gold coins.

Coin pricing can change weekly depending on market conditions of gold and the Mint’s numismatic precious metal pricing matrix.

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Mark D.

phylum, slyum…genus, weemus…and then there’s the caribou…elk-like or, ox-like, depending on the continent.

Mark D.

Minotaurs, assuming they were on Santorini as well as Crete!?

Mark D.

Not Kosher, and definitely not Pareve.

Perhaps TMI, but I believe “jerky” is the sole word from Inca language to morf into/join the English lexicon, oddly enough.

What eruption? Santorini? Java? Aetna? Vesuvius? St. Helens? Pinatubo? The one in Iceland that is impossible to pronounce (part of Mid-Atlantic ridge)? The 2012 Hawaii ATB quarter/5-oz silver obverse? Olympus Mons on Mars?

Would you be so kind as to refresh my memory?

Mark D.

Also in reverse order, check, check and check. And I bet you didn’t need to consult Google.

Seth Riesling

For some strange reason, the term “Jerky Boys” makes me salivate and hungry…lol..So does lean Bison meat with dried cranberries from Epic company in Austin, Texas where I live & collect coins, tokens, medals/medallions & paper money.


Last edited 1 year ago by Seth Riesling
Mark D.

Keep dinosaurs small and low on the food chain: Eat a chicken!

Mark D.

Just a thought, I bet some dinosaurs were like those far out bower birds, i.e., able to build intricate, meticulous and oddly artistic nests, but on an epic scale.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mark D.
Mark D.

Seems as if there’s an increasing abundance of ugly giant bags of mostly water that don’t even aspire to be human.

I sense deliberate ignorance, sir.

… Just for fun, you may want to cut-and-paste above into a trusted (ha!) search engine…

Seth Riesling

The Mint changed its precious metals pricing grid/matrix on Monday so they could raise all gold, platinum & palladium prices starting with this unlimited mintage Highly overpriced American Bison (he was named “Black Diamond & was in a NY zoo when Fraser sketched him for the Indian Head 5-cents coin). There is no such thing as a buffalo nickle ever produced by the U.S. Mint. Just like the U.S. Mint has never struck a single penny, yet their COAs & outer boxes are labeled “penny” for the Lincoln cent. Did you hear me incompetent U.S. Mint Director David J. Ryder??!!… Read more »

Mark D.

Have y’all seen this year’s Liberty gold yet? It’s spectacular. While not covered — so far — by CN, you can find it in other periodicals that provide more timely reporting (ahem).

Seth Riesling

Yes, “Lady Liberty” has been transformed into a bucking Mustang horse on the obverse, and the reverse has a scary, angry, hungry Bald eagle head on it! Lol.



Just checked the mail, I got the 2021 collector guide. Way cool lol

Seth Riesling

Jake –

I am going to ride that golden horse all the way to the bank! Lol



I like the layout and the management at coin news, and Seth. Who doesn’t like Seth lol

Mark D.

Horus, for one. But that’s probably a different Seth .


where are you seeing that silver has been added to pricing scheme from the United States Mint?

Mark D.

The latest catalogue leaves prices blank for many upcoming silver items.

Mark D.

Happy to oblige, oh Caesar of the Ostarrichians.

Thank YOU for the “hearty” (vs. “hardy”) reference, didn’t cover in J-school, don’t remember it in AP)UPI style guide so, I learned stuff!

I offer you the digital essence of my best girl in Wein…


I thought mine said backordered but it shipped on Friday

Mike Petraitis

I ordered mine on May13th the day they went on sale.I got an e mail that night said it has been shipped so I kept tracking it all week end. The US mint quit using UPS now they use the USPS service .I live 250 miles away from Memphis where they send them from my coin is sitting in California post office.This does not make any sense why it is going to travel all over before I recieve it.The mint said they were having problems with UPS I never had problems with them but do have problems with USPS.

Mike Petraitis

I called customer service and was told they are having problems with UPS and now they are going to use USPS for shipping.

A. J. Micken

I own 3 2006 and 1 2007 buffalo $50.
Value now is what???