Dr. Ursula Kampmann Joins Numismatic Literary Guild Board

Dr. Ursula Kampmann
Dr. Ursula Kampmann

Ursula Kampmann, Ph.D. of Lörrach, Germany, founder of the German and English language MuenzenWoche (CoinsWeekly www.CoinsWeekly.com), Cosmos of Collectibles (https://cosmosofcollectibles.com, and Bookophile (https://bookophile.com), has joined the Board of Directors of the Numismatic Literary Guild (www.NLGonline.org).

Dr. Kampmann is the first overseas member of the organization’s board. She succeeds long-time NLG executive Donn Pearlman who stepped down after serving as a Board member a half dozen times since the 1980s and as 2017-2018 NLG Interim Executive Director.

Established in 1968, the Numismatic Literary Guild is a nonprofit organization open to all hobby writers and freelancers, editors, reporters, bloggers, and content producers for print, broadcast, and online media. It conducts an annual awards competition and the NLG newsletter is emerging into an educational resource for members.

The deadline for submitting this year’s entries to Awards Coordinator David W. Lange is June 5, 2021. Awards categories and rules can be found online at www.nlgonline.org/news/2021-numismatic-literary-guild-awards-competition

"It is a pleasure for me to be allowed to assist in rebuilding an association of all those promoting the joy of numismatics and history," Dr. Kampmann stated after joining the NLG Board. "I am overjoyed to be chosen to represent Europe and its tradition of numismatic writing dating back more than half a millennium. I am looking forward to a fruitful exchange and hope our joint effort will make the world of numismatics grow a little bit closer together."

Dr. Kampmann is the owner of Numismatischer Pressedienst (Numismatic Press Service), author of the best-selling German catalog of Roman coins and a former Editor-in-Chief of MünzenRevue.

"I am absolutely delighted that Ursula has joined the NLG Board and the core team of leaders who will transform the Numismatic Literary Guild into the respected organization in the U.S. and overseas that it was destined to become. We are fortunate to have her, her experiences and ideas as part of the NLG," stated NLG Executive Director Charles Morgan, Editor of CoinWeek (www.CoinWeek.com).

She has an extensive background in European history as well as coins, including serving as Managing Director at Hess Divo AG in Zurich, Switzerland, and important roles at rare coin dealerships in Munich, Germany and Basel, Switzerland. She has curated many numismatic and bibliophile exhibitions in Germany and Switzerland.

Although her 1991 doctoral thesis was on the politics of imperial Pergamon reflected in the coinage issued in cooperation with other cities from Asia Minor, her scholarly focus is today on the history of coin collecting, the social aspects of coinage in the early 16th century as well as contemporary numismatics.

She is the recipient of many awards in Europe and the United States including 2002 Vreneli Award, 2012 Otto Paul Wenger Award, and the 2015 Burnett Anderson Award for Excellence in Numismatic Writing jointly presented by the American Numismatic Association, the American Numismatic Society, and the NLG.

NLG logoThe other members of the NLG Board of Directors are Bob Fritsch, Michael Shutterly, Mel Wacks, and Doug Winter. Maurice Rosen serves as Treasurer.

For additional information about the Numismatic Literary Guild and information about becoming a member, visit www.NLGonline.org.

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Kaiser Wilhelm

Ausgeziechnet! Es freut mich sehr das eine so inteligente und gelehrte Dame aus Deutschland nach Amerika kommt; ich bin sicher das Sie ueber Geld Sammeln sehr viel besonders interesantes und bestimmt wichtiges schreiben wird.

Last edited 4 months ago by Kaiser Wilhelm
Seth Riesling

Mein Gott! She is known to put her foot in her mouth more than one should (rudeness, elitist, Euro-centric, etc.) Lol.


Kaiser Wilhelm

Ach du lieber, mein Freund. You just succeeded in describing the most prominently and frequently displayed traits of the typical German personality. Dank Gott hatte ich das Glueck als ein typisch gemuetlicher Oesterreicher geboren zu sein!

Rudolf Alfred Höger
Last edited 4 months ago by Kaiser Wilhelm
Seth Riesling

I lived in Germany for 3 years (1976-1979) on the smallest & most secret USA National Security Agency base “Bad Aibling Station/Kaserne”, a former small military base used by Hitler. German is my second language, as I attended our USA Department of Defence’s Munich American High School and took German classes all 3 years from our German teacher who was from Norway! Lol. I have seen & heard some amazing things for sure. I never did understand the German sense of humor, or lack thereof, but they sure do know how to party! I went to flea markets with my… Read more »

Kaiser Wilhelm

That is a wonderful story, Seth; many thanks for taking the time and effort to share that! I really do enjoy hearing about other people’s adventures in the Old Country, whether it be Germany or Austria. I think its both funny and interesting that we learned each other’s native tongue in American DOD schools, as you picked up German in high school in Munich in that way while I was introduced to and schooled in English at Vienna Elementary School, Stuttgart-Boeblingen Middle School and Heidelberg American High School. By living in Munich you were surrounded by more than a touch… Read more »

Kaiser Wilhelm

As a woefully belated hairnote to my prior note regarding this particular Teutonic personage, I must point out that while it’s clear the former East Germans have long been acclimated to West Germany’s economic and political modus operandi it appears that the above depicted Dr. Kampmann is holding fast to good old Ost Deutschland’s patently unique style of feminine coiffure. Egads and gadzooks both!

Last edited 4 months ago by Kaiser Wilhelm