U.S. Mint 2020 Silver Proof Set Includes ‘W’ Reverse Proof Nickel


Marking the second of only two releases scheduled by the United States Mint this month, today at noon EDT we see the debut of the Silver Proof Set for 2020.

U.S. Mint Product Images 2020 Silver Proof Set
U.S. Mint product images of the 2020 Silver Proof Set and the separately packaged “W” reverse proof nickel that comes with it

Included in this annually issued product for collectors are ten proof coins, seven of which are struck from 99.9% silver, and a special premium nickel. The ten coins are displayed in two different protective lenses and the bonus coin ships in clear plastic wrap inside an envelope.

In contrast to the set’s ten coins with their proof finish and San Francisco "S" mint mark, the bonus nickel has a reverse proof finish and carries a "W" mint mark designating its production at the West Point Mint. It is the second of three premium nickels for 2020. The first one bears a standard proof finish and is included with the clad 2020 Proof Set, which launched on Feb. 27. The third premium nickel has an uncirculated finish and will ship with the 2020 Mint Set which is scheduled for release later this year.

Included Coins and Silver Weight of Proof Set

Priced at $63.25, the coins when buying the 2020 Silver Proof Set include:

  • 2020-S National Park of American Samoa (American Samoa) Quarter
  • 2020-S Weir Farm National Historic Site (Connecticut) Quarter
  • 2020-S Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve (U.S. Virgin Islands) Quarter
  • 2020-S Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park (Vermont) Quarter
  • 2020-S Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve (Kansas) Quarter
  • 2020-S Native American $1 Coin
  • 2020-S Silver Kennedy Half-Dollar
  • 2020-S Silver Roosevelt Dime
  • 2020-S Jefferson Nickel
  • 2020-S Lincoln Cent
  • 2020-W Jefferson Nickel (premium reverse proof coin packaged separately)

Three of the coins have traditional clad compositions, as does the premium reverse proof nickel. The other seven coins are in silver, weighing 6.937 grams for approximately 1.51 troy ounces of the precious metal.

Six Unique Coin Designs

Six of the coins bear one-year-only designs. They include the 2020 Native American dollar with its Elizabeth Peratrovich design and the five 2020 quarters issued under the Mint’s program of America the Beautiful quarter dollars.

Proof and Reverse Proof Coins

Regular coins for circulation are made at the Philadelphia and Denver Mints.

Proof coins showcase frosted designs set against mirror-like backgrounds. They are struck multiple times resulting in an increased level of detail using polished dies and hand-polished blanks.

Reverse proof coins offer an appearance opposite of the standard proofs with mirror-like designs set against frosted backgrounds.

Popularity of Sets

Silver Proof Sets are core, flagship U.S. Mint products. Several hundred thousand of them are sold each year.

For those keeping track, 2020 marks the second year in which silver coins of this annual set are produced from 99.9% silver. Previous annual sets had silver coins struck from a composition of 90% of the metal. The increase in silver content along with the inclusion of a bonus coin has, thus far, boosted set sales.

Photo of US Mint 2019 Silver Proof Set and 2019-W Reverse Proof Lincoln Cent
This CoinNews photo shows last year’s 2019 Silver Proof Set and its bonus 2019-W Reverse Proof Lincoln cent. This year’s set features similar packaging and includes a bonus 2020-W Reverse Proof Jefferson nickel.

Last year’s set, which remains available for $54.95, has sales through Sunday of 393,953. The set from 2018 ended with lower sales of 332,274.

Limits, Ordering and Possible Shipping Delays

No mintage, household or product limits are in place for the collectible. That said, the immediate available inventory for the set is only 190,960. Last year’s set logged 5-day starting sales of 191,670. Recognizing that its sales will soon exceed inventory, the U.S. Mint notes:

"Due to resource limitations resulting from COVID-19 the shipping of your order may be delayed."

The 2020 Silver Proof Sets is available from the Mint’s webpage dedicated to proof sets, located here, or by calling 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

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Seth Riesling

An $8.30 increase over last year’s set with the same amount of silver!?



Of the annual sets this is the only one i buy. the penny nickel repeat from the reg set but you get the silver dime and half along with the quarters which makes it the better set to buy. As much as i like buying it all i hate when sets repeat so i always go for the more attractive to me.


US mint said Inventory :190,196 ! I guess they try to attract more people to buy it ? But don’t be fool , it also said : Additional unit may be produce , That mean they might make hundred of millions of units, if they want ! US mint should do it on last year for Enchence Proof silver Eagle !

Seth Riesling

Spot silver traded below $15 an ounce today! And the Mint raises its silver coins & sets prices??!!



Perhaps, when Congress has less pressing issues to address, they can scrutinize how the US Mint handles its numismatic products…..again.
Maybe requiring price increases to get Congressional approval, like is done with US postage stamps.


I pretty much have resorted to buying these sets and paper money as everything else have become unaffordable. This way I save even though it’s expensive.

Any of you a young collected here? I doubt if it’s more than 1.


define young…


Darrin, have you got first day sales yet?

Richard Margolis

Has anyone received their order. My page says processing, has not changed from the first day. I am on an enrollment


I’m on enrollment also – tracking says on Fedex truck fior delivery today.


enrollment here too… as of today 04/21/20 still says processing

Richard Margolis

Mint web site says that my order finally shipped. No tracking number yet. Cannot wait to see the new nickel


mine finally shipped today.


as of april 19 , 183456 sold



Chas. Barber

No, will go CU, they’ll make more as they need, the MINT needs $$$$ bad man, I got a monkey on my back!


Out of stock versus sold out.
The USMint will crank out as many as they can, when they can.
I cancelled my subscription, and am not bothered if I don’t get one.
Ridiculous pricing and nickel sales gimmick, along with terrible quality.
Item Number: 20RH
Mintage Limit: None
Product Limit: None
Household Order Limit: None


I’m curious how much the SF mint shutdown and how long, will affect additional minting. If this virus doesnt let up…it could be extended….def could affect this years mint products.


To MJS, did you upgrade shipping or just free shipping?


Free shipping


currently unavailable

Richard Margolis

I just viewed HSN Coin Collecting and Mike(sold out, limited edition) Mezack had the 2020 silver proof set in PF 70 FDI. How do you get the set to a certifier on the first day if only mail is available> It is impossible to get the coins from fulfullment center to ANACS on the same day it is available to the public. Is the mint pulling a fast one or is Mezack pulling a fast one. He wants north of $500 for the set


a certain sweet treat of peanuts and popcorn coated with toffee was something i bought as a child,the treat was good but the prize was what we all bought it for.the W.nickel,, the prize at the bottom of the box?great marketing ploy!!!

sam tweedy

Got to have that great “Monkey” “W” faced nickel WOW!!!! Ripoff!!

Seth Riesling

This set was available again early this morning at 8am Central time for a few minutes & I picked up a few extra sets since the dealers are raising prices on it already.



I would like to (coin a phrase) the new 2020 W Reverse Proof Jefferson Nickel to be called the Corona Nickel
and hope that the United States Mint does not make any more than the 191,000 that were produced so maybe this will attract more and new coin collectors.
Maybe someone at the mint will take notice?
Spread the word and use the phrase Corona Nickel when talking about the 2020 W Reverse Proof Jefferson Nickel.
Maybe even call the 2020 S Silver Proof Set The Silver Corona Proof Set?


wondering , my order is still processing, ordered thru enrolment,is anyone else’s still processing


san francisco mint reopening…will the silver proof set be available, when and how many ???


Just got my 2020 W Reverse Proof Corona Nickels today inside my 2020 Corona Silver Proof Sets and the quality is nice but the Bat Quarter strike is the weakest out of all of them.