US Mint Announces 2020 Numismatic Gold Coin Price Increases

2019-W $100 American Liberty 1 oz. Gold Coin
CoinNews photos of a 2019-W $100 American Liberty 1 oz. Gold Coin. The Mint is raising its price as well as prices of other palladium and gold coins.

Collectors will have to pay more for United States Mint numismatic products made of gold and palladium, including American Eagle, American Buffalo, American Liberty, and upcoming commemorative coins.

Increases range from $32.50 to $300 per U.S. Mint coin. They are not the result of changes in LBMA gold prices as can happen weekly based on the Mint’s regular pricing policy. Instead, they are straight upward revisions.

The numismatic products with their increased prices include:

  • American Eagle 1 oz. Gold Proof Coin +$297.50
  • American Eagle 1/2 oz. Ounce Gold Proof Coin +$150.00
  • American Eagle 1/4 oz. Gold Proof Coin +$75.00
  • American Eagle 1/10 oz. Ounce Gold Proof Coin +$32.50
  • American Eagle Gold Proof 4-Coin Set +$562.50
  • American Eagle 1 oz. Gold Uncirculated Coin +$300
  • American Buffalo 1 oz. Gold Proof Coin +305
  • American Eagle 1 oz. Palladium Reverse Proof Coin +$262.50
  • American Liberty 1 oz. Gold Coin +$300
  • American Liberty 1/10 oz. Gold Coin +$35
  • Commemorative $5 Gold Proof +$115.50
  • Commemorative $5 Gold Uncirculated +$115.50

The U.S. Mint’s collection of gold, platinum and palladium coins have prices that can change weekly based on the trending value of gold as compared against its 2020 pricing matrix. The matrix with revised prices is expected to be published Wednesday. The agency’s current gold coin prices are based on an average of gold last week that fell within $1,650.00 to $1,699.99 an ounce. Gold has since tumbled toward $1,530 an ounce.

On Thursday, the U.S. Mint will release its suite of 2020-W Proof American Gold Eagles.

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The Mint’s New Pricing Grid is in place…

Before Yesterday:
This Afternoons 1 oz. American Gold Eagle Proof would have been $1, 877.50 (Down $150.00 from Current Mint price).

This Afternoon:
1 oz. American Gold Eagle Proof will be $2,175.00 (Up $147.50 from Current Mint price).

Before Yesterday:
This Afternoons 1 oz. 2019 Reverse Proof Palladium would have been $2,187.50 (Down $700.00 from Current Mint price).

This Afternoon:
1 oz. 2019 Reverse Proof Palladium will be $2,450.00 (Down $437.50 from Current Mint price).


Thank you for your more accurate and detailed informative reply, than that contained in the article.


No point in buying them directly from the mint anymore. Buy them from dealers after they settle down to their true value. You may have to pay more for a few items, but most aren’t worth more more than melt.


Agreed. The USMint seems to be getting desperate with all of their various price increases.


Now we know why the mint won’t report weekly sales of mint products anymore. I have not bought nor will I consider buying any mint products until they start publishing them again. I canceled all my subscriptions. In the past I bought thousands of dollars worth for my own collection and family. The mint better get someone to run it that knows what he or she is doing. If they don’t, I am Done with them.


9 April is now the release date for the basketball coins, with pricing starting off at $ 69 -$74 for the proof dollar coin, according to CoinWeek. Lol


The Director of the Mint should be fired for cruelty. All this does is serve the very wealthy who will buy it assuming these coins will be a key day as their mintages will be very low due to the Coronavirus economic fallout. Only two things I will get this year is the Native American Coin and Currency set now – its clad but at least it offers uncirculated paper currency. Uncirculated 2020 Coin set just for the W Nickel I will save getting the silver proof set until 2021. Any hopes of getting a gold coin are dashed —… Read more »


Incredibly poor optics for the Mint to go through with this during the start of a deep recession (likely) and a drop of over 30% in equities. If they don’t walk this back soon then I’m done purchasing commemorative gold/platinum/palladium.

Seth Riesling

Mike Unser – These are, of course, such drastic price increases on U.S. Mint precious metals products, and the large increases announced recently on its silver coins & even base metal coins with raw metals prices down also, & especially the new commemorative gold & silver coin programs price increases. All the while, silver has been dropping to 11 year lows recently, why haven’t you asked U.S. Mint Director David J. Ryder, or one of his lackeys, for a comment, explanation, reasoning behind such draconian price increases while silver, gold, platinum & palladium have been dropping basically all year so… Read more »

Seth, we have sent a query their way and are awaiting a response.

Doug B

I was really looking forward to buying my first gold buffalo. I was waiting to buy the 2020 coin and now that the Mint has incredibly raised the price of this coin I am holding back. I might just punt the proof coin in OGP and buy a regular coin from a gold bullion supplier. Just like all other government divisions never let a a crisis (C-19) go to waste to benefit their own endeavors.

Jon Doe

I’m just wondering how I can justify buying some coins from the mint when the best are $700 above spot price! I bought the 2017 gold coin in 2017 and thought $400 was crazy to pay and I would probably regret it. Even on a percentage basis these prices are too damn high.